Pictures of EZ-Nose!

Submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/2/05 at 7:28 PM. ( )

I spoke to Paul B. today and he allowed me to take pictures of his EZ-Nose system. WOW, here it is fellas. I have pictures of them if you would like to see what they look like. I forgot to take pictures of the nose they had on display that they would let everyone practice on. TOTALLY AWESOME! Paul said that he knew the website is unavailable right now but you can order them from Matt Thompson Taxidermy Supply. His number is 1-800-477-6815.If you don't have this system, your wasting valuable time. Check them out. Dan Hudzik

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This response submitted by Steve D on 4/2/05 at 9:11 PM. ( )

Do you have a link to look at the pictures?


This response submitted by mrdux on 4/2/05 at 9:15 PM. ( )

I thought I had seen everything there was to see in the trade show till today. I went by the Matt Thompson booth to try to buy some Harry Whitehead turkey forms but they were out. While there, they asked me if I had seen the EZ-Nose. Once I saw it, I realized that I won't be using a syringe to texture noses any more. I bought the smallest size but will probably find a reason to buy all 4 sizes in the near future.

See, I told you guys!

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/3/05 at 1:42 AM. ( )

See there! I told you guys about this. You are really missing the boat if you don't get in on this! Thanks to so many of you that have emailed me on this and the Trophy mate so far. Dan Hudzik

can someone

This response submitted by paul on 4/3/05 at 11:22 AM. ( )

explain this miracle device to me?

it's simple

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/3/05 at 12:05 PM. ( )

There are four different containers each one with a different sized tip. As you squeeze the bottle lightly a small amount of Liquitex, which is what they used in the bottle, looks a lot like modge podge but not as thick, is released. As it is released you move the liquid across the nodules of the nose in the same shape as the nodules on the nose without missing a beat! or should I say bead! LOL Any way I hope that helps. The Liquitex can be found at Wal-Mart and Michaels craft stores. Thanks, Dan Hudzik

Ok, so...

This response submitted by Lou on 4/3/05 at 4:34 PM. ( )

How bout those pictures?

Great little ideas

This response submitted by Elmer on 4/3/05 at 8:09 PM. ( Tops )

Every year at the wolrd show someone comes up with a neat little dodad that makes your time easier. Those E-Z nose are the ticket Dan is right I am talking about dialsing in the nose pad in not time and the good thing is when you drop the tip onto the nose nodule it dilas in the shape of the individual nodule and it does not run together. I am talking about dilaing a nose in a mater of less than two minutes making it look fuller and did I mention they don't run together. Different sizes just drop your gloss into the area between the eye lid and the glass eye. Great tool Paul. There are a couple other little items that should not be left out the are new ways . One is the littl rod hanger from NAC . For all you bird guys the rod goes thru your panel or wood then into the bird attach the bird holder by screws then screw the set screw in that pusshes a wire that duns thru the middle of the rod and it pushes a wire like two little grippers that comes out inside the foam of the bird body and attaches it solid. Theother neat little idea I saw while walking around with DFan was a new antler mounting system that actually is like a pedestal mount for a rack that sits on the coffe table or TV etc. The inventer has it all figured out for 60 bucks you get the wood the leather and instructions to mount one rack I intend on having one on display for a small amount you could up your antler mounts to customers or give them something different you get what you can for the price I beleive I would charge around 200 for this . But The E-Z Nose has to be the best I saw not just one application for deer noses other applications also. Help me out Dan the name of the guys with the rack system I have to go thru my stuff as of yet.

Trophymate / Versa-Flex

This response submitted by mrdux on 4/3/05 at 10:40 PM. ( )

It is Trophymate.

One of the most interesting items I saw was a flexible stand that can be used for mounting fish or birds. It's called a Versa-Flex. I was watching my $$ and didn't pick one up but will be ordering one or more from WASCO very soon. They run around $50 and clamp onto a table or bench and can position your work on about 360 degrees. Bill Newman used one in his fish painting seminar. It uses a flexible neck similar to a snakelight but much sturdier.

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