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I read your post about the world show and you mentioned joining your state organization as well as the NTA. I have joined and competed in the PTO for the last 2 years and i just stumbled on to that organization. I have noticed that allot of the people at the show aren't full time Taxidermists and probably don't have the exposure to all of the different organizations that exsist. I think that mayeb the NTA should have a spot at some of these shows to help promote their organization. After reading some of your posts i did a little research and sent an email to them for more info. I will be joining, but i think they could help themselves by being a little more aggressive. Just my 2 cents.

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Dave, we do.

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In fact, Mark Wilson, NTA President manned the NTA booth at the World Show. We have 21 affiliated chapters across the nation and at each of those shows we attempt to have a representative there. We usually rely on the Board of Directors for these shows. In states that are not affiliated, the NTA doesn't try to impose itself uninvited. If the NTA gets an invitation from one of those states, we attempt to go if at all possible. In some cases we don't have a director close enough and in the past we've asked those associations to help with transportation and lodging as we don't have enough in our budget to cover the non-affiliated states.

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