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Submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/1/05 at 8:41 PM. ( )

You guys have to see these two things! One is the Trophy Mate that I made a post on the other day. For those of you that missed it, this is an alternative to mounting antlers when doing antler mounts for your customers. I have a picture of it from the World Show and yes it took a Blue Ribbon there. It took a Blue Ribbon at the Ohio show I believe too. The other product is for finishing the nose of a deer. It is called EZ- Nose by Blue Ribbon Supply. Our very own Paul B. had them and they are awesome. No more needles trying to apply the detail nodules to your deer's nose. These things are awesome and I believe the website is You have to check this system out. I believe I heard everyone call it the cat's A$$ for detailing deer's noses. There are four different sizes of them and the fine one is so fine that I believe you could probably do the detail work on the bottom eyelid of a deer. Check it out! Both products are great. Wait until you guys see them and try them. AS soon as I tried them I knew I wanted them. Thanks, Dan Hudzik

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I saw that too

This response submitted by celeste on 4/1/05 at 11:02 PM. ( )

Hey, I saw that Trophy mate, It was a good alternative to a european mount. Husbands Like the bleached skulls but their wives often say "I don't want that creepy skull in the living room!" This seems like a fast and reasonable alternative. I'm going to check out this nose detailer, I didn't catch that one. Man there was alot to see there eh?


This response submitted by Dan on 4/2/05 at 12:11 AM. ( )

I would like some more info on the nose finishing system.
I couldn't get any results with

Sounds very interesting though.

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