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Someone told me you were at the WTC. Is that right? Then why didn't you come by and say hello.

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forum rule #8 violated

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Welcome back George.


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But he can't hide.

Never met George but

This response submitted by mike on 4/5/05 at 9:26 AM. ( )

i think he's a pretty good guy. once you go thru the break in period on the forum, you find out he's got a sense of humor and actually doe's know what he's talking about. i'm new to the internet so i'm still skeptical on leaving my email address. Thanks

Thanks Mike

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But I refuse to be held hostage by my own fears. Sure I get a lot of junk mail and I even get some with attachments that I'm smart enough not to open, but I always leave my email in one thread of every post I make. Some people have questions that they'd rather not air here or that they want the long answer to. My email gives them that avenue if they want. And as strange as it seems with all the crap I hear on here occasionally, I've only had ONE threatening email over the last 5 years. Guess what, when you send and email, you also send your address and that "problem" was handled quickly. So gutless people on here tend to be the same way when wanting to "set me straight".


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I have always been,and always will be, a very private person. It
was interesting to have seen some of you in person, but I posess
no skill at taxidermy,just an avid interest.
I can say,that after seeing the comaderie exhibited there, you
taxidermists have a good thing going.
I will say that i was in awe at the quality of work i saw there,
and i tip my hat to you all,you are truely gifted people with an
awsome ability to produce fantastic looking work.
And george,you will always have my respect...but a man with your
ethics,integrity,principles and confidence...would never be a
Trust me ,I live in springfield! But what i'wouldn't give to see
you in action on the senate floor!

wow kissy,kissy

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on a silver platter

mirror mirror on the wall

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Are you the biggest idiot of all?

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