Looking for a list of taxidermists

Submitted by Mike on 4/6/05 at 3:25 PM. ( mike.schoby@gandermountain.com )

Hello -
I am the Travel Manager for Gander Mountain's Hunting/Fishing travel business; Outdoor Expeditions. Obviously many of my clients are interested in getting their trophies (fish or game) mounted from the trips we send them on. What I am trying to do, is compile a list of reputable, highly skilled taxidermists that would like to work with Outdoor Expeditions that I can send clients to, if they do not have their own taxidermist or would like to get the mount done "on location". Where is a good place to start contact taxidermists to build my database? Thanks for any help.

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Taxidermist Listing

This response submitted by Brady on 4/6/05 at 4:01 PM. ( bergeyb@hotmail.com )

Some of the best taxidermists in the world are just a click away. Look at the top of this page and click on "Taxidermists." A state-by-state list is available.
Good Luck,


This response submitted by Len on 4/6/05 at 4:18 PM. ( lengums@wi.rr.com )

Hi Mike, Contact the National Taxidermist Assc. and ask for their membership list. You will find many qualified taxidermists listed and from every state.

Another Listing Page

This response submitted by Chip on 4/6/05 at 4:19 PM. ( )



This response submitted by Susan on 4/6/05 at 4:55 PM. ( susancrowd@aol.com )

...Ask that question again & give us the "areas" that would be involved with the Outdoor Expeditions. There are many Taxidermists that may not be on any of the above mentioned lists. Our shop is located in North Carolina, but we receive trophies(for mounting) from as far away as Canada, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico,etc. We don't do extensive advertising-mainly business cards, but mostly by word of mouth. I'm working on building a website(it may be a while yet), but you can contact us through my addy above if you have any questions.-Susan

try this link.

This response submitted by Todd B on 4/6/05 at 5:33 PM. ( todd@buckspromounttaxidermy.com )

http://www.hidetanning.net/Taxidermists.html This should get you what you need.

Todd Buchanan

Mike, take Len's advice

This response submitted by George on 4/6/05 at 7:54 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Good, bad, indifferent, the NTA listings will show you who the "certified (CT)" or the "award of excellence (AofE)" taxidermists are. These are people who've demonstrated their skills in competition with A of E taxidermists being your very best. That's NOT to imply that there are not other just as talented people out there who aren't NTA members, of course, but when you look at raw data, it's pretty hard to distinguish what an "award winning taxidermist" truly is. I doubt you'll find many people advertising without that little phrase on their sheets someplace.

Gander Mountain...

This response submitted by Drew on 4/6/05 at 9:01 PM. ( )

You should start by displaying some quality work in Gander Mountain. Not to be a jerk, but the one here in Colorado has a bunch of old crappy mounts from Jonas hanging in it.

Check the NTA list of Award of Excellence winners

This response submitted by Ben Dover on 4/6/05 at 9:27 PM. ( nospamforme )

The NTA puts out a list of all members, many are CT Certified or Award of Excellence Winners.

These people have earned their stones by being better than average.

There are others on the NTAs list that also do good work. But but but there are also a bunch of beginners and hum ho, people.

If you were to investigate the tarmist with web links on this site you can find several that have photos of OTHER PEOPLES work.

I think the way I would look at this is to have the people send a series of photos of their latest work, in this series would be many pics of them working on the mount with a closeup of them doing the work in their studio or shop.

Maybe also a list of awards they have won at taxidermy competitions and what they charge for that type of work.

After all you do not wish to push someone who cannot do QUALITY WORK!

just when

This response submitted by wilson on 4/7/05 at 9:02 PM. ( )

just when i get to thinkin, you, george and bend-over john were ok ,you go and try to kick the other 90% of us taxidermist.

Willing to work with Outdoor Expeditions

This response submitted by Chad on 4/7/05 at 10:04 PM. ( chad@waterworldtaxidermy.com )

Mike, I am a new taxidermist to the industry. This is my second year. As all beginners, I do have lot of room for growth, but I beleive I am doing a quality job. I have not had any complaints from customers. With the guidance of those taxidermist out there that has been in it for a long time I can ask for assistance whenever I need it. Please check out my website www.waterworldtaxidermy.com and email me if you would like. Let me know what you think. I feel that my Northern Pike and Walleye are my strongest area. I have completed 17 fish in all. I am also very reasonable, I do not want my prices to reflect my work quality, but as I said I am fairly new and am trying to build clientele. along with improving my skills with each fish I mount and learning each time. I hope that maybe I could be of some assistance to you someday. Thank You for your time.


This response submitted by Mike Barrus on 4/7/05 at 11:11 PM. ( camolion12@yahoo.com )

Hi, I too am Mike. I work at 483 in Lakevile. I ran the archery department until my wife got deployed..now I'm full time Mr. Mom and part time Bowman and part time Taxidermist. Ask Gary the power sports guy he knows me well. I'm new here to Minnesota so I could use a little extra work as I'm just getting new clients. My stuff is respectable, my waterfowl and whitetails are my strong points...in fact Thats what I do..waterfowl, whitetails and fish..limited I know but practice makes perfect...well never perfect, these are Gods creatures..call me, if I can't mount it, I sure know someone who can..Talk to you soon.
Mike Barrus

Wilson, that's not true at all

This response submitted by George on 4/8/05 at 10:48 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

I caveated my posting with just that same statement that there were excellent taxidermists out there who weren't NTA members at all. BUT this guy was looking for a LIST and the only LIST that's going have any credibility is the NTA list with that CT or AofE footnote. I'm sure THAT list has some superior taxidermists who don't compete at all as well, but the LIST won't tell him that either. He'd have to see the work himself.

Now, all apologies will be accepted if they're accompanied by a $20 bill. LMAO


This response submitted by paul on 4/9/05 at 8:43 AM. ( )

since there is a gander mt. in pa. also, check out the pta website
(pa. taxidermist ass.) you can get a listing of all the pta. members and contact imfo. right off the site.

Yo George...

This response submitted by Susan on 4/16/05 at 11:42 PM. ( )

The mounts that we enter in "competitions" with are strictly our commercial mounts-transported from our customers straight to the competition arena. We don't do "competition" mounts.
We do this in order to get our work critiqued by our peers. We want to give our customers the best we possibly can. We strive to give our customers the quality of mount that we would proudly put on our OWN walls for display.
Any ribbons awarded to our mounts are proudly displayed (with full pictures of those mounts)in our display room, the customer has bragging rights, and we get positive feedback on any possible improvements and techniques we might put to use in producing a better mount for our customers. -Word of mouth advertising is the best you'll ever get! Hope to see ya at Roxboro, NC at the mini-course.-Susan

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