What a great show!

Submitted by Donna on 4/6/05 at 10:37 PM. ( foxy_embalmer@yahoo.com )

This was my first world show and it was great! I have never met as many nice people in one place. Every question that I had was answered, and no one was "snooty" about it.

All of the booths were great and the people that worked them were so nice, and not just cause they were trying to sell you things.

I made alot of new friends.... Thanks to all of you. I will not miss the next show.... Donna

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This response submitted by G on 4/8/05 at 4:00 PM. ( smith_glenda@hotmail.com )

I agree Donna, as it was my first "ever" show as well. Everyone was great. It has made me very excited about getting ready for my State show. Although I was told I will get my butt kicked in my state show.. have to prove them wrong.



This response submitted by Donna on 4/14/05 at 7:59 PM. ( You go girl )

I know that you will be doing the butt kicking at your show! I sure hope that you will come to our show. Good luck on your piece for the show... P.S. I am glad you are here in the forum... Donna

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