I lost one of my freezers.

Submitted by Jack F on 4/7/05 at 6:18 AM. ( )

Yup I did and boy am I mad at me. I have/had a freezer in the basement of my sisters home next door to me. I have been slowly geting things out of it as the job orders come up. Well it happened the darn thing quit on me. It must have been over a week ago because I just took some stuff out three weeks ago. I lost everything in it. Thank god I was down to only three customer capes in there. I lost two coyote LS skins and four whitetail capes of mine and one customers. The one coyote I can replace, the deer cape I can replace but the other coyote is not replacable. It was a very light blonde color almost albino. I am so P-OED. I am going to Home Depot today and buying a spare freezer. Just needed to vent is all and let the rest of you know to check your freezers daily. I wish I had :'(

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Freezer Alarm

This response submitted by LOu on 4/7/05 at 6:20 AM. ( )

You might want to look into buying a freezer alarm. I have one on mine. If it gets above 10 degrees it goes off.

Dang Jack

This response submitted by - on 4/7/05 at 6:37 AM. ( )

That sucks. You have an auto-tanner, it's too bad you didn't just auto-tan all these skins upon receipt... they'd have been saved.

Pro tanneries can take all the color out of a coyote pelt and get rid of the yellow too, you CAN replace that pelt - but for a price.

I worry about losing freezers too, many condolences!

I don't do the portable freezer alarm thing...

This response submitted by marty on 4/7/05 at 9:42 AM. ( )

...because I don't like the fact that the wire will leave a gap where it goes between the freezer and the door. Maybe I'm paranoid and that thought process is incorrect. But for me, I simply check my freezer once every day or so. Heck, it's going to take at least a couple of days for all those fish to thaw out to the point where there's going to be some damage. And I'm in there a few times a week anyway. Some might argue what do you do when on vacation for a week or so? Well, I may have a neighbor peek in since thery're there letting my dog out anyway. Or I simply don't do anything. Statistically speaking, the chances of my 2 year old freezers happening to go down or lose power for two days on that given week out of the whole year (since they never have gone down) has got to be an extreme longshot. Plus, I have a bit more flexibility with fish (replicas) IF something ever were to happen. ANd I only need two freezers as I keep on top of my backlog.

I'm assuming that they sell the alarms built right in? Next freezer I buy, I will start buying the ones with the built-in alarms. Also, given the importance of freezers to our jobs, I will probably keep each about 7 years and sell them and buy new just to eliminate the worry factor of using something too old...

You need a freezer alarm...

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/7/05 at 10:26 AM. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

I bought mine from TR Supply which is now Stutesman's Taxidermy Supply (Warren Stutesman = AKA Toad's Taxidermy.)" Any way the gap is so little that the freezer seal collaspe right over it keeping your freezer sealed. I have a story for you. My father in-law came up from Ohio. He likes bringing power tools with him and using them in my shop. Thats not a problem until one day. He seen the extension cord on the floor and decided to unplug it and use it for his power tools. Then when he was done he forgot to plug my freezer cord back into the extension cord. I know you are thinking , why did he have the freezer plugged in with an extension cord? Well I was out of room and this was an upright freezer and the cord was to short to reach any outlets. Any way 2 days went by. I was out in the yard playing with my children when I heard a loud annoying beep. I paniced and ran into the shop to find that the freezer was unplugged. Thank god that the alarm went off and did it's job. Nice $10-$15 investment. The best part was, everything in my freezer was SAVED. Buy an alarm, the are inexpensive and can save you a but load. Jack F I don't know you but email me and see if I can help you on the coyote unless you are going to try the tanneries. Thanks and good luck. Dan Hudzik


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 4/7/05 at 11:45 AM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

I purchased one of those fancy freezers with the alarm on it. They're only good IF the freeezer is plugged in. They're made for in case somebody doesn't close them all the way. Absolutely useless if unplugged or powered down. I too need to purchase some alarms so I'll not experiance Jacks bad fortune. Peace. Jeff F.

Is your refrigerator running?

This response submitted by Vito on 4/7/05 at 11:57 AM. ( )

Well then, you had better go catch it.

good smell

This response submitted by toms on 4/7/05 at 4:24 PM. ( )

Boy, I bet your sister was happy with that smell


This response submitted by marty on 4/7/05 at 5:32 PM. ( )

...Ya learn something new everyday! Jeff and Dan - do the portable ones run off of batteries then? Or have back-up batteries? (What happens if the power goes out?) Thanks!

They run on double "AA" batteries

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/7/05 at 6:07 PM. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

If the power goes off the alarm still works. They are small and they are easy to hook up. They have a probe on the end of them that you set up near the bottom of your freezer. If the temp. raises like 5-10 degrees then they will go off. I have one on every freezer now and if I buy any more freezers I will put these alarms on them. Check out Stutesman's Taxidermy Supply he may carry them. Good Luck, Dan Hudzik


This response submitted by wilson on 4/7/05 at 7:55 PM. ( )

Marty, once a year they tell you on TV to change your batteries on your smoke detector; maybe they will do it for freezers also.
I run 5 freeze all the time and because, I like you, are a responsible person we check them every 3 days, haha that's part of my job.
As for these young guys here's a Question that will solve your problem--
[If a tree falls in the forest and no one;s there ;Does it make a noise ]? T^hink about it

stutesmans supply

This response submitted by bw on 4/7/05 at 11:04 PM. ( )

they do in fact have them in stock because i just bought some from them. i have been trying like mad to find them for the last 4 months and no one had them in stock. the day after i called Toad....he got a shipment in.

marty.....personally, i would rather spend the small amount of money that my bill will go up.....becase of the tiny gap in the seal rather than have to replace a full freezer worth of critters. I lost an entire freezer full of turkeys last year and had to replace all of them, including a bearded hen. i was literally sick over it for weeks. we had a power surge that blew the fuse that that wall was on. i checked my freezers a couple days after it happened to make sure things were okay. well, everything was cold and there was still ice on the sides. but it was another week till i was back in there.....and it was too late.

or here is the worst one. i have a friend that had a freezer go out. it stopped getting cold but the motor kept running. the heat from the motor turned everything from frozen on friday.....to mush and goo on sunday.

stutesmans has them the cheapest i could find.

I have been educated...

This response submitted by marty on 4/8/05 at 9:49 AM. ( )

Thanks guys - I think I will give stutesman's a call. Even though I am in there all the time it seems like a small investment for added security. I didn't realize they ran on batteries (good deal!)...

The tenant

This response submitted by Jack F on 4/9/05 at 9:29 AM. ( )

I left the tenant in charge of checking the freezer for me. Well she is in and out so much as she just left her husband. I guess she didn't have time in between boy friends to walk that ten feet to the celler to check it. The bad part is I know better to not check it. But every time I went there she was out doing what 30yr old women do after leaving there hubby. Yes I am very upset over this. I don't mean to offend any women on here but she could have taken the time to look as she said she would. The alarm would have never worked she isn't home long enought to hear it.

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