The WTC !

Submitted by Rick Carter on 4/7/05 at 2:52 PM. ( )

What a show! It was great to see all of my buddies last week at the WTC. A heart felt thank-you goes out to everyone who helped set up the booth, load and pack up trailors, shuffle equipment all over the place, and hang flags in the tent. With all of the judging and work to do there wasn't enough time to socialize as much as I would have liked. I am just now getting back to normal after a busy week and a long ride home. Congratulations to all of the competitors who made the exhibit a true work of art. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work around such talented people. Mary Beth, my daughter sends her regards for all of the kind comments shared with her after her banquet performance. I am on cloud nine every time she sings! I hope to see many of you again at shows later this year and am already looking forward to the WTC in Reno, NV. You won't believe the facility the Silver Legacy has for the banquet. It's time for some R&R so I am leaving now for a weekend hunting turkey in upstate SC.

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This response submitted by Dawn on 4/7/05 at 5:23 PM. ( )

This was my first time I was part of the working staff at the World Show - and for anyone out there who doubts it - it takes a lot of work from all of those people involved to pull off this show. I had the greatest privilege of working with some of the greatest people on the staff as well as the judges in the competition room. The judges did an awesome job - and it was a great opportunity to see them doing what they do best - making us all better artists. What a great group of 26 - but you all sure get moody when they forget to feed you (lol).

The staff at the world show get by on only a few hours of sleep each night as there is so much to do and such little time to get it done. So the staff has seen each other at their best as well as their worst (lol).

But it only takes to read all of the positive comments about how much fun everyone had at the world show to see that the hard work and lack of sleep was well worth it. It was a great show and I enjoyed being part of the team that made it so successful.

Enjoy Rick - you deserve it.

Oh yeah - I was so busy the entire show that I never got my critique.......(lol) But I did catch up with you long enough at the wind down party to have you autograph my ribbon.

See you at the next world.

How many of yall saw-

This response submitted by oldshaver on 4/7/05 at 8:27 PM. ( )

the live caracle in the very back of the left hand corner of the suppliers hall.(as you walk in) Not that big of a cat, but I think they are a little bigger than a lynx, and thicker.

I saw it,

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 4/7/05 at 10:56 PM. ( )

I saw it, and I took some pictures for referance.

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