NTA deadline to voting eligiblity

Submitted by Secretary for an NTA affiliate state on 4/8/05 at 2:32 PM. ( )

This is just a reminder that unless you are a CURRENT 2005 NTA member as of the end of April, you will not be eligible to vote for the NTA Board elections.

Please take a moment to renew your membership by going to nationaltaxidermists.com so that you can help choose those who will represent the interests of the NTA.

Don't tell yourself that one person's vote doesn't matter. Last year's election was decided based on votes of only 800 voters -- out of 2000 eligible.

You CAN make a difference.

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oh Geeez

This response submitted by Alex on 4/8/05 at 3:34 PM. ( )

And I wanted to vote for George Roof or cecil, oh I guess I'll wait till next election, lol

You Can Vote for George..

This response submitted by Me on 4/10/05 at 1:24 PM. ( )

You can still vote. Simply renew your membership now.

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