Stop Rot fixes more things than duct tape!

Submitted by Doug on 4/8/05 at 9:16 PM. ( )

Not too many months ago I posted(whining actually) about a severely freezer burned musky skin that had NO stretch. I was advised to brush on Stop Rot, let it soak in for a half hour, and then soak it in a borax solution. It really did a great job of restoring stretch to that skin.
A month ago I had a couple of skunks that had dug under my shop and occasionally their noxious eruptions seeped in my work area. I set a baited live trap about 2 feet from the entry hole and a 220 conibear at the entry hole. I caught one in the live trap first. My lab got there first and took both barrels right in the face. I shot the skunk right in the cage. The SOB cut loose and turned the tan vinyl siding a musturd(LOL) yellow. The smell INSIDE was enough to gag a dermisted beetle for days. I decided to let him lay until the odor faded. Several days later I caught another one in the conibear. She was dead alright, but had added her contribution to the already yellowed siding.
Mr. Conley suggested I wipe down my lab with Stop Rot. It worked! I decided to wipe the vinyl siding with Stop Rot. Odor gone! The SR left an oily residue on the siding so I followed up with a Windex wipe. You couldn't smell OR see anything. Great stuff! Stay tuned for more uses of Stop Rot.

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This response submitted by Lou on 4/9/05 at 9:04 AM. ( )

I didn't know you could use it to relax fish skins.


This response submitted by ETCC on 4/10/05 at 11:11 PM. ( )

I had been touting Glen Conley's fabulous innoventive Stop Rot and Tanning Revolution for some time on this forum.

Any Taxidermist who wants to save time and money should investigste it ASAP...You'll be glad you did.

Question...Would you rather carry a 25-pound bag of salt along on your next big game hunting or fishing trip to save a cape, hide or skin?...or just a small bottle of Conley's Magic Elixer..."STOP ROT"...which does the same thing?..'Nuff sed.


stop rot is awesome

This response submitted by paul e on 4/11/05 at 7:48 AM. ( )

great product and cheap insurance for capes
i use it up front on all my capes
its a wonderfull time to be doing taxidermy with all the new and
exciting products coming out and the new and better ways also
ear magic and stop rot hace changed up my daily routine for the better thats for sure

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