Question about Indiana taxidermy license

Submitted by Dave on 4/10/05 at 10:44 PM. ( )

I am getting ready to fill out my application and I don't have a business, so should I not put anything on that line? I guess my question is do I have to have a business to get a taxidermy license? Thank you.

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No You do not have to have a business to get a license.

This response submitted by Todd B on 4/11/05 at 9:42 AM. ( todd @ )

You just need the license if you are doing taxidermy for money. Also I think you need the license if you apply for a Federal Migratory Taxidermy License. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me, I am a Hoosier also.
Todd B


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 4/11/05 at 1:22 PM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

The license is also so you can posess game that you have not harvested yourself. This, of course, does not cover migratory waterfowl being done for someone else. Jeff F.


This response submitted by Dave on 4/11/05 at 11:39 PM. ( )

Thank you, I'm going to send it in then!


This response submitted by aLEX on 4/12/05 at 9:46 PM. ( )

Don't you get a liscense from India, it is cheaper and no questions asked, the game warden probably can't read the difference between indiana and India,lol

Indiana License

This response submitted by Chris on 4/21/05 at 6:56 PM. ( )

I am wondering if someone on here can help me concerning a Taxidermy License in this state,Indiana. I have read a couple posts that have refered to filling out a application. How do I go about getting this and where? I have contacted the Ass. of Indiana Taxidermists several times about this and still have not recieved a answer. Any help will be highly appreciated, thank you. Fell free to email me,

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