Internet Deer Hunting

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If deer is shot over internet and on open range, does it qualify for B&C? Why not just cut to the chase and buy replica mount?

Alex here is an article you will enjoy.

Internet hunting coming to Texas
Posted Nov 17, 2004, 10:41 AM ET by Peter Rojas
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Don't let anyone convince you that the Blue States have a monopoly on technologcal innovation. Case in point: a rancher in Texas says he's going to start offering an Internet hunting service where visitors to his website can bag a deer, antelope, and wild pigs using a remote controlled .22 caliber rifle with a webcam mounted on it (the gun is already available for target practice right now, he's just waiting for a faster Internet connection that'll make the gun easier to aim). But don't worry. Smokey, aka Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wildlife director Mike Berger, is already trying to figure out how to shut this down, and has proposed a new rule that'll require anyone hunting animals to actually be physically present at the site where they're shooting.

Are there any true sportsmans left? Has money corrupted everything. I guess I'll just buy me a trophy, a super bowl ring with cubic zirconia, and star in my own tarzan movie. I give up. The world as I knew it is gone.
PS I need to buy some memories and dreams if anybody has any for sale.

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ADA and Internet Hunting

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Here we go. Now the disabled guy in Indiana is pissed because he can't kill a deer in Texas from his bed in Indiana. Those mean unsportsmanlike Texans keeping the diabled from hunting over the internet. I really am having a bad day. I need to get outside and really go fishing with a rod and real not a mouse. Maybe I should hook up with Cecil and we can rig up an internet controlled rod and reel to drag a fish out of one of his ponds. Set some state records and make some real money.

Digital Culture
Disabled Participant Offers Argument for Online Hunting
by Luke Burbank

All Things Considered, April 11, 2005 A Texas game ranch that offers real-time hunting via the Internet is drawing criticism. Hunters such as Dale Hagberg, an Indiana man paralyzed from the neck down, can shoot animals with a rifle controlled by computer mouse.


he he he

This response submitted by Alex on 4/12/05 at 9:41 PM. ( )

somebody always beats me to an idea, I thought about that a long time ago, I'll consider it in a few years,LOL


This response submitted by Hip-O Taxidermy on 4/13/05 at 8:53 AM. ( )

It was a blackbuck antelope, considered an exotic in Texas, not a game animal. I was at the hearings in Austin recently where Parks and Wildlife addressed this problem. The new hunting liscense will require a hunter to harvest an animal in person, not remotely.

Internet Deer Hunting

This response submitted by Belagona on 4/28/05 at 7:42 PM. ( )

I for one love the idea of deer hunting from my bedroom. Imagine, blowing a deers skull off, a thousand miles away! pricless.

The view from here

This response submitted by Dave on 5/5/05 at 4:58 AM. ( )

I personally have no quarrel with hunting qua hunting (yes, 'qua' is actually a word...Scrabble hounds take note), but to kill an animal without making full use of it is in my opinion akin to murder.

I'm in a wheelchair and so don't hunt anymore. I see two things wrong with the described scenario. One, I haven't heard if anyone is going to dress out the critter and send me the meat, hide, horns and all the other yummy things that can be gotten from a deer (hey, disability pays squat and a deer will feed me and my family for a while); and two...a .22? Excuse me? That'll do two things to a deer...and Jack went to Brooklyn. Okay, maybe if you manage to shoot it in the eye. You'll wind up with way too many wounded deer because of geeks with buck fever. That's just cruel. The scavengers and the dude running the site will get fat. No one else (especially the deer) will gain anything.

By all means ban this travesty. I'll have myself hoisted into a tree stand or build a blind first. Hunting shouldn't be classified as a 'sport' in the first place. That implies killing things for the hell of it. Our forebears hunted to survive, and that's fine. I used to hunt because beef is [deleted] expensive and I like to eat meat once in a while. Venison is good for you. If you want to hunt from your computer, buy a copy of Deer Hunter. That's my $.02 worth.

Addendum to the above

This response submitted by Dave on 5/5/05 at 6:22 AM. ( )

By the way, I think taxidermy is a wonderful use of what you aren't going to eat. :) That's part of why I'd want the hide.


This response submitted by David on 5/5/05 at 4:58 PM. ( )

This isn't hunting. You're not pursuing these animals to survive. You're shooting it in a barrel. There is a reason they made virtual hunting games. The only difference is you aren't murdering living creatures for amusement.


This response submitted by Ian Graydon on 5/5/05 at 11:02 PM. ( )

I am proud to be a hunter. I am angry and disgusted with anyone who calls this video slaughter/maiming hunting. It is the furthest thing from hunting you can think of. It is bad enough that the anti-hunting group thinks that meat comes wrapped in plastic from some mysterious factory, and have no concept of reality, but certainly anyone who calls themselves a hunter knows better, and understands hunting is the ultimate reality and cannot be bought over the Internet. Please say your piece to others, and stop this terrible disgrace from becoming "reality". There is more to life than profit. This is nothing but a disgusting scheme for profit. SICK!

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