Thanks Glen Conley

Submitted by Southern Wildlife Taxidermy on 4/13/05 at 9:35 PM. ( )

Just wanted to say thanks to Glen Conley for all his efforts in helping the taxidermist who have listed their websites with him as links. He has strived to get their sites in the top ratings with Google and I for one appreciate it very much. It has helped my business.

So thank you Glen Conley.


Southern Wildlife Taxidermy

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This response submitted by Travis on 4/13/05 at 10:05 PM. ( )

He definately deserves recognition for his efforts...I know my cat worked has picked up big time from out of state folks who have found my website through Glen`s hard work...

Thanks Glen-
--I just about have my comp mount complete so maybe I`ll have time to finish a couple more articles for at ya soon slick---keep up the great work!

Well, Guys, you are welcome.......BUT...

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 4/14/05 at 12:46 AM. ( )

I am just like you guys, I am but one person. What is making the directories work is that sum total of over fifty "one persons" that have teamed up together, all doing their part to make it work. All I did was come up with the idea, and make web space available.

You folks are the ones that created the World's Purdiest Taxidermists Directory by putting photos in that glass house we call the world wide web, and then putting your name, and address, and phone number by those same peces of work. You folks sold the work not me.

The guest writers on help to pull in traffic off the search engines. Lonny's bobcat articles get read EVERY day by at least several people. I'm sure there's many taxidermists that have mentally thanked Lonny for sharing.

The guys that shared their deer meat recipes helped to pull in fifty-sixty visitors per day during deer season.

Evelyn's articles readership incicates that she is indeed a popular writer, and she pulls in a lot off the web.

Dan Moon's fleshing machine article has a steady readership.

Mike Dubar's black bear photos attract more visitors than I would have ever guessed.

Some of the articles that were on are now on Those always were popular articles. The ones with Dan Jennings also pull good web traffic.

Ken Edwards and WASCO have helped us by providing the hyperlinks you just passed in reading to this point.

Jeanette Hall has brought in a lot off search engines lately..........(I'm sittin' here just a grinnin' as I write).

I have been watching the directories increase site traffic as our indexing with the search engines steadily increases. It wasn't but very few months ago that had it's first birthday. We have done well so far, and I expect to see the growth to continue.

The Thank You goes out to all involved, every single person has importance.


My typing finger wasn't keeping up

This response submitted by Glen on 4/14/05 at 12:54 AM. ( )

with my thinking.

Another MAJOR PLAYER in this whole shootin' match has been Jason Keehr of fame.

Jason has attracted a class act bunch of taxidermists that automatically get added to the directories as soon as he gets their sites built.

By setting things up that way, we have been able to get web visibility for those folks that would be truly hard for them to achieve otherwise. They in turn all have links back. Again, it all adds up to make the difference.

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