my new Van Dykes pro flesher is awesome

Submitted by paul e on 4/15/05 at 7:05 AM. ( )

wow! what a difference from the old frontier
this things a beauty machined from a solid billot block of aluminum
and all stainless harware
guards are micro adjustable and easy to adjust
you can put them exactly where you want them to go
i think ill retire my old guard adjusting hammer

the only problem with it though is
i can barely hear it run
all my years in a fabrication shop hasnt done my hearing any good

i think ill have to wire in a idiot light
or ill forget the things on

oh ya! it shaves like a dream
and George you were right my backs not hurting when i finshed
a couple of skins
i dont know why but the angle or something must be better
and i dont have to concentrate so hard not to make a mistake
im so happy its not funny

Thanks Van Dykes for a great product

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Paul you forgot to mention

This response submitted by Mark Wilson on 4/15/05 at 8:09 AM. ( Mark@AfricanHunting.Info )

Changing the blade is as easy as it gets and can be completed in a couple of minutes, and daily cleaning is made so easy that there is no excuse not to do it.
I agree that the Van Dykes pro flesher is the nicest fleshing machine that I have ever seen. Van Dyke's outdid themselves with this one.
Great job to all the folks at Van Dyke's who came up with this one. It is a winner!
Like Paul, thanks to all the folks at Van Dykes for producing such a great product.
If you haven't seen one yet, make sure that you stop by the Van Dyke's booth at the 2005 NTA convention in Sioux Falls and check it out. The only problem that I see is it almost looks to good to use.


Mark Wilson

While I have not used one the photos looked good

This response submitted by Proud Eager Beaver Owner on 4/15/05 at 8:30 AM. ( )

I have owned an Eager Beaver for several years. You can change the blade in an easy two minutes. It is power coated and also the FIRST Fleshing machine that was micro adjustable.

Both Great Fleshers!

This response submitted by Mark Wilson on 4/15/05 at 1:16 PM. ( Mark@AfricanHunting.Info )

If you like like Eager Beavers you will also like Pro Fleshers!

The blade change is basicly the same, however unlike my old Eager Beaver, Van Dykes has improved this process by installing a push button blade lock on their Pro Flesher so that the blade can not turn while you unscrew the nut to remove the blade. This makes it even easier, if you can believe it!

Like Jeff Foxworthy would say, this may be the first post that uses Eager Beaver, Flesher and Nut that does not offend anyone! (LMAO)


Mark Wilson

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