What do you want to see?

Submitted by JL on 4/15/05 at 4:16 PM. ( wmlures@metro2000.net )

As you know, I'm one of the writers for the Taxidermy Today Magazine and although I have several ideas for future articles, I thought you may have something you would like to see featured in a coming edition.
Many times some of the simplest topics are overlooked but are really important to some readers and I would like get some feedback from you.List them here and I'll do my best to get them published. Sincerely....Jean Lavallee

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how about

This response submitted by sean on 4/15/05 at 4:31 PM. ( sf_taxidermy@hotmail.com )

East virsus West. How the taxidermy industry (taxidermist,tannery and suppliers) differ from one side to the other and what differences does it seem to make?


This response submitted by 5 yearer on 4/15/05 at 4:58 PM. ( )

As the sucessfull taxidermy bussinessman that you are. Would you give us some insight into making money in this industry. I've been spinning my taxidermy wheels for 5 years and there seems to be no money and no catching up no benefits no health insurance. Ninety percent of the customers are a pain. It's like casting your jewels before swine. I think I'm working for less than minimum wage. Please explain why some taxidermists can't get "that price in there area" as they say all the time, that seems to be me too..

sculpting, repro , and how to

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 4/15/05 at 5:12 PM. ( )

carving snakes, fish with more curves, carving a acurate nose for competion commerical work, and general how to articles. I find it very interesting to see someone else's methods and pick up a trick or three.

In-depth business success

This response submitted by B.Y. on 4/15/05 at 5:40 PM. ( )

It would be nice to see (possibly in a series) specific taxidermists around the country and how they run their successful businesses. Everything from the size and organization of their shop and how to be successful in growing and adding staff. There was a similar series in another magazine a few years back and I wished they could have elaborated more on specifics such as scheduling, tricks of the trade, customer relations, etc...


This response submitted by Drew on 4/15/05 at 6:06 PM. ( )

How about someone mounting a shoulder mount deer etc, with a typical cape, cut too short, blown ears, slit throat etc. And all the repair work that goes with it.

Seems like the only ones getting good capes are the ones in a video, LOL.

How about,,,,,

This response submitted by Mr. T on 4/15/05 at 7:14 PM. ( )

all of the answers to Krowtann questions.
I would like to read stories or interviews on how some everyday taxidermist got started years ago and some of the highlights of there career. George Roof would be a book by himself. Surly there are enough characters around to tell some yarns. This would be interesting to me.

How about....

This response submitted by Dean on 4/15/05 at 7:25 PM. ( )

More articles and less adds


This response submitted by samantha on 4/15/05 at 7:39 PM. ( )

Rugs (in depth).
Body casting.
Extreme form alteration. (not the simple stuff)
More general tips.

Less adds.

How about....

This response submitted by Greg on 4/15/05 at 8:03 PM. ( bgwaite@lexcominc.net )

more info for the beginners. Maybe reprint past articles that cover the basics. Right now I'm attending a good community college for taxidermy, but find it frustrating when the articles talk about certain feather groups or various fish parts or mammal anatomy that I don't know about. Taxidermy Today is the best magazine for me and I make sure that I tell everyone about it. Two of my classmates have subscribed because ot that. There are alot of things that I'd like to see but the above mentioned things and a tip area as suggested. Thanks.

Here are a few ideas......it's now up to you

This response submitted by Kim on 4/15/05 at 8:38 PM. ( KMikules@ABCustomTaxidermy.com )

1. How about the largest problems facing the taxidermy industry as a whole?

2. A serious article on the need for or the reason not to have a taxidermist union? ----(I had to throw that out there)

3. How about a taxidermy dictionary so we don't have to continue to repeat, that is repeat, repeat and repeat our basic information.

4. A deep article on how to handle DIFFICULT customers and don't be affraid to tackle the "what if" catagory.

5. How about a article on how the supply companies address the needs and concerns of their customers? (With examples)

I have more but, lets see what happens with these simple ideas....


In shop tanning!

This response submitted by robert cain on 4/15/05 at 9:23 PM. ( deerhunter_bc@yahoo.com )

It would be interesting to see an article on the top 3 or 4 methods of in shop tanning from start to finish. List the pluses and the negitives, the do's and the don'ts, Bob

How about...

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 4/16/05 at 2:19 AM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

a centerfold. Maybe...Jeanette in her favorite little camo suit sitting on a pet pillow. Sorry, couldn't resist! That smile of hers is addictive. Peace. Jeff F.

On a serious note

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 4/16/05 at 8:29 AM. ( )

I went to bed last night laughing about that centerfold thing and thought twice about it. I think I'm on to something. How about.....a centerfold that is removable and is a reference picture. Something accurate like a good close-up of a fish or an open mouth bear picture or a bugling elk picture. The possibilities are endless! Peace. Jeff F.

How about a pull out

This response submitted by bg on 4/16/05 at 9:28 AM. ( )

Coupon for 50 cents off a gallon of gas!

how to handle the "tire kickers"

This response submitted by Gus on 4/18/05 at 10:54 AM. ( www.gus@gustaxidermy.com )

or the price checkers most of our customers do not know quality taxidermy vs the cheap guy down the street.
how do we educate the public on what to look for in quality work
and make them realize cheap is not always the best way to go
This could be worked into an advertising/buisness article.
Most people are affraid to blow their own horn and some people do it too loud and hurt their buisness so how do you brag your work up with out sounding big headed



This response submitted by wilson on 4/18/05 at 6:46 PM. ( )

Maybe some articles on how to market our by- produces from our craft; how to package and sell to flyfisherman, hunters and the other craftsman ANd so on. It;s my play money!

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