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Submitted by Fred Barilla on 4/15/05 at 5:01 PM. ( )

All interested in attending the NEAT 2005 convention please contact me at or (516)333-9020 for more info.

Fred Vanderburgh and Harry Whitehead will be jdging the competition this year and the following seminars will be given:

1) 2-day Hands-on Whitetail Deer form and cape prep - Pete Lajoie and Co. *you must pre-register to participate $25.00 for supplies

2) Airbrushing a fish (TBA) - Mark Vitch

3) Plaster-casting a fish - Steve "Spongebob" Hackett

4) Rock making, for habitats - Rick McGuire

5) Mounting a Waterfowl (TBA) - Harry Whitehead

6) Small Mammal Taxidermy (TBA) - Kevin Conroy & Matt Marulli

In addition we will be auctioning off an exotics hunt at Big Boar Lodge as well as an African Safari (minimum bid $1600)in addition many other supplies.

Also, back by popular demand is our Silent Auction (which was a tremendous success last year)for all the ladies who attend so all you guys out there please feel free to bring wives and girlfriends.

We look forward to seeing many new faces this year.

Fred Barilla
President of NEAT

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When will it open?

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