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I am a memeber of the NFIB, and was wondering how many of you Taxidermists out there are. I have been a member for about 6 months, and they send me all their e-mails, news letters and magazines, but it always seems to me that 90% of everything I read about, doesn't really have alot to do with me. Most of it is about small business' that has atleast one employee or even bigger. I know alot of you are thinking "it has alot to do with you, you are a small business no matter how you look at it." The thing is, I joined for $150.00 a year, and it doesn't seem worth it to me, when i could be spending that money somewhere else in the taxidermy industry. I just joined the NTA yesterday, or I should say I sent my dues off in the mail yesterday. I have been putting this off for awhile, because of the money I have been spending on advertising. I have to say though I already feel alot better knowing i finally joined. With my business growing like it is, and no life insurance, it feels good to know I will be covered. And I can now vote for George...LOL The main question is, is it really worth being a member of the NFIB when I am the only one in my shop with no employees? Thanks in advance for the input. Eric

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Question is

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When is Eric going to grow and add employees so he can fit in, just so the news letters are about him.


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Though I am a member of many organizations, I pick and choose carefully. I don't join any group whose agenda only effects me by happenstance. I'm not a member of the Lions Club because I don't have time and though their charter is commendable, it doesn't tie back to my career. Same with the Chamber of Commerce who seems to be more interested in getting more and newer members than they are of taking care of the old ones. So I cop out and mainline my memberships. It it relates back to me and my business, then I join, but if they only appeal to my the fact that I'm IN business, then I exclude them. You'll have to design your own agenda and once you do, you'll feel much better about it.

And congratulations on joining the NTA.


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Hi Eric, I also pick and choose my memberships and one of the ones I do belong to is the NFIB. Now they won't really bring you more work for your shop, but it will keep you up to date on useless tax bills and restrictions on operating your business being brought up in your state legislature and in Washington.They are out there fighting for small business's and like the NTA, they need members and membership dues to help pay for it. In order to be a successfull taxidermist, you need to be business smart first, whether if you are the only person in your shop or have employees.
Now they do offer discounts on different things like lodging and insurance, but you still shop and compare.Don't be afraid to complain to them if their discounts aren't any better than others. Also, you can deal with them on their membership price each year. Tell them that as a very small business, the $150 is not worth it to you. I do this every year on renewal and still only pay $100. Now whether it is worth it to you, you will now have a year to find out.I hope this helps.

What is NFIB?

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I hate abbs.

We Either Stand Together or We Fall...........

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Hi Eric,

You know, I too am a small bisinessman, trying to stay afloat and make a living for my self and my family. I believe that I am like amny others, who are in business because of their passion for a specific line of work and not just for the money. Yes, we do need to make money, but with all of the regulations and continually increasing taxes and health cost, it is getting harder and harder for a business person to make it.

There are alot of ways that I could spend my money, but I need to examine where I will get the best return on my dollar. So I advertise in the phone book and through my customer's word of mouth. Then, in groups and other organizations that I choose to join, I need to also determine what my reason and purpose for joining really is.

With NFIB, I joined because I saw that if small business people, like myself, would band together and speak out against some of the things that is wrong with government and the laws they make, then, my voice matters.

You know, it's like that single strand of thread. All aone, it really isn't very strong, but if you put a hundred of them together and braid them into a rope, then you've got some strength, but if you take 600,000 of those strands of thread and bread them into a thick rope, you then have a rope that would be almost impossible to break. And that is how I see the worth and importance of joining a group like NFIB. There is STRENGTH in NUMBERS.

Hey, taxes, health care costs and government regulations affect each and every one of us and either we stand together and speak out or we're going to be forced into closing our doors and working for some impersonal business, who doesn't care about their employees, but only the bottom line and we make only wages.

Think about it, maybe you'll see whatI saw and the rope will get stronger? I hope so

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