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Submitted by Ghost writer on 4/17/05 at 11:11 AM. ( )

Mr. Edwards I have nothing buy kudos for you, the kind that make a super mark for our industry. Honest sincere and a hell of a nice guy. Our ambassador to the world.

I have often thought and wondered if it would be possible to have a button listed as Reference materials. This I know you provide but this would be a button where we can post a link or a book such as I did this morning.

It would save a lot of people time and give all of us an easier way to find pics we much need.

Like this morning I have posted about this book in the past but to find that post could take hours.

Nothing else would be allowed in that catagory accept photos link and reviews of the PICTORIAL VALUE of the book.

This could help taxidermist save several dollars, such as whats going on with calenders right know at all the books stores. The book stores are dumping the calanders at rock bottom prices.

I have bought books mail order to find only a few pics and the were not good pics and did not have any value for artist.

Do you think it would be worthy?

This is a very good book with lots of pictures, Two photos show a coyote yodeling in the sitting position, the eye appear to about half open, another the coyote standing the eyes are open and you can see the whole area very well. The upper eyelid does not but just touched the top of the pupil.

This is a Sierra Club book. While they may be animal rights active, they provide some super closeup pics. I bought the book on sale at Barnes and Nobles for $3.95, The back cover says $18.00

ISBN 0-87156-376-2
UPC 9780871563767

Look for 2005 photo calenders that are now on sale.
I bought two with wolf pics. for $7.00.
I have also found out that if its this late in the year the calenders are marked down, you can gather a bunch even if you need only one pic. then ask the manager if they will dicount them even more and most time $1.00 per calender.

You cannot buy a single print photo that cheap and not that large of a pic. either. look at who many of the photographers are big names in outdoor photojournalist.

While these PTA sponsored calenders are full price for the coming year, out dated calender a not making PETA one thin dime.

Shop wise and shop smart.

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Thanks for the suggestion

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 4/18/05 at 6:02 PM. ( )

I am always looking for ways to make the Forums easier to navigate. I get many requests for new categories, but most, like yours, ask for a category which would only hold a handful of posts out of the past thousands of submissions. If there is not an overwhelming need for a new category, or if a separate new category might sit quietly unused for weeks at a time, I probably will not create it. I try to carefully consider any changes to the Forums before implementing them, because they are much easier to do than to undo if they don't work out.

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