bootlegging a mannakin

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I just had a customer come into the shop with a deer head that he recieved back from another local taxidermist. He was very unhappy with the other guys work.Oh by the way this is the 3rd mount that I have taken it in the last 2 yrs that this guy has kinda destroyed and I had to remount. He said the deer had a beautiful coat when he brought it to the other guy and now the hair is falling out, not to mention the ears drummed and cracked beyond repair and the nose and eyes were totally cracked and shrunken.After talking the options over with the customer, he decided to have me remount the deer.
One of my questions was " Did you tell the other taxidermist your problems with this deer?" he answered that he called the other taxidermist and he was confident that the deer he mounted was a good mount and there was nothing wrong with it. This customer was referred to me by a very good customer of mine that I have been working with for several years.
The guy wanted to see me pull the old hide off the mannakin. When I pulled the old hide off, I noticed a few things. 1. no hide paste at all. 2.the hide was not tanned or even fleshed 3. the mannakin had been bootlegged. It is obvious by the density of the foam that it was not a manufactured form but a homemade one using the 2 part urethane foam. I could instantly tell by the weight(lighter) of the mount before I tore it apart that there was something different about the foam and also there was a single piece of 2x4 as a blocker in the back not even a piece of plywood. The form looks to be very similar to Van Dykes mannakins although I cannot be sure.
My concern is that this other taxidermist isnt just putting out crappy work and charging good $$ for it too but he is bootlegging mannakins. The customer is irrate and told me he was going to sue the guy for the price of the mount and the price of the new mount plus the cost of a new cape.What is the deal with this guys "bootlegging" of mannakins? any advice? should I give him a call. I am all up for doing a good job and sure getting business from others when they do a bad job but I think this guy is ripping people off.

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if it was me

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i would stay completly out of it, do the repairs and remounts and mind your own business. a guy like that wont be around long, i guareentee it!


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They were selling some molds on ebay...

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and some taxidermists were buying them up.

As for following up on this , it's not worth your time or trouble.

Like Lee stated in his response, this guy won't be around long if this is his business practice. Spread the word with your customers concerning this issue but don't put the guy down, after all you are just questioning his materials not his talent. Save the form and cape and show everyone that comes into your shop. Word will spread fast! I'd set up a display explaining what a bad mount consists of compared to the materials you use.

I might call him and ask him his methods for mounting a deer head just to see if he is up front with you with what you found. He might be telling his customers the capes are tanned when you just found out differently.

Why should you care what the other guy is not doing?

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I would point hose things out to the customer, but to hell with the other taxidermist. His business will fail and fail hard.

Why would you want to school the other taxidermist?
It sounds nice and it sounds like the Christian thing to do but I am sure that taxi. is a cutthroat from what you have posted.


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Stay out of it, and remember what happened to the unmentionable company that paid about 500,000 for copying manikins.

Doubt they can sue...

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Unless he is telling his customers that he is going to use Brand X form, and that he uses a commercial tan, then I doubt they have any lawsuit.

I would stay out of it, eventually he will burn too many people, not your problem! The longer he stays in business, then better it is for you.

My 02

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Take care of your own customers and run your business the best way you can. This other taxidermist will pay the price one day and bury him/her self. If you get involved in a legal action, be ready to PAY YOUR WAY THROUGH THIS MESS. Unless of course, you have money to burn?

Do U hae all the facts

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What is to say he didn't buy some molds? What is to say he didn't model them himself? What is to say someone didn't model them for him? These are things You may have to prove if you accuse him of wrong doing. Best to stay out of it - time will tell if he is giving the customer what they are paying for. I know of people that get a head similar to what you describe and are happy.


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you should'nt respond to any post on this site. this site is for TAXIDERMISTS !

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