If you think PETA is not out to stop us you are wrong!

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look at this one

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People eating tasty animals is a good idea!

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One pound ground elk or deer (venison) Your choice of cut.
One tablespoon of olive oil, vegetable oil or shortening.
One large onion, sliced. Slice twice into small pieces.
One garlic clove, minced.
One 16 oz can of whole tomatoes.
Two 15 oz cans of red kidney beans.
One teaspoon of salt.
One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce or A-1 steak sauce.
Two teaspoons of chili powder.
teaspoon of paprika/
1/4 teaspoon of Duree red hot cayenne pepper sauce.

Heat oil in skillet or pot, add meat, onions, garlic and cook. Stir slowly browning meat. Add all remaining ingredients, mix well. Cover and simmer for ten minutes until chili is hot. Serves four.

Stumbled, Don't forget that...............

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PETA is one of many organizations who want to stop us from pursuing the outdoor lifestyle we enjoy. The joining of the Humane Society of the United States and the Fund for Animals should concern everyone. These people know how to UNITE and REACH the public to get their message across. That is why it is so important that "WE" as Sportsman, Sportswomen and Taxidermist's, as a minumum join a professional group to get OUR voice across. With a new annual budget of 95 MILLION, the new litigation department developed by HSUS has ample funding to start driving their agenda, begininnig with LOCAL Legislation. Basically speaking, as I understand it, they are going to start their push in the lower courts, starting with bowhunting, getting localities to abolish the practice. Using this as a base or precedence, they are going to try and push this same agenda through the upper courts as well. Once precedence is set in court, it is very hard to overturn and even if they only get as far as a local ruling in their favor, WE LOSE. The organizations who fight for us will have to fight harder and expend more $$ to overturn these rulings while the HSUS move on to other agendas. Lots of little victories for them mean big losses for us in my opinion. Check out the US Sportsmans Alliance for more information as well as NRA, Ducks Unlimited, Sierra Club Int, NWTF as they all have their eye on this. Support the organizations who are fighting for you. If you don't think anything will happen to the outdoor sports we love, just look at England. 200 years of fox hunting - out the window -
Food for thought.

And Miss Kim,
Could'nt agree with you more! LOl ;)I'll have top try your recipe!

Hey Mac

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Mac, It's "Mr Kim". WWW.ABCustomTaxidermy.com

My apologies for the misinterp.........

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Beg your pardon Mr. Kim, could not tell by your post. I'm still going to try the recipe anyway! Maybe we should ask Ken to require our pic's posted W/ our posts LOL, well , then again...........
Have a great day!

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