Bovine Unite (Any Ideas?)

Submitted by Pirate on 4/22/05 at 10:26 PM. ( )

Theres a big campaign going on called Bovine Unite. There were people in the local shopping center in cow costumes passing out cards that said Bovine Unite. I was wondering if anyone may have an idea who is behind this campaign. They have been real secretive and its supposed to be released on May 5th. Sounds like it may be a new PETA thing. At first I thought Chick-Fil-a, but the cow costumes didn't really look like what is normally on there signs. There is a website but it doesn't say much either. Its kinda got me wondering. I guess there advertising ploy worked on me.

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This response submitted by BWS on 4/23/05 at 12:10 AM. ( )

I checked out that site...and many more links (because i too was But please, it is clear it is an attempt by PETA to "save the cows". I don't put alot of credit in anyone who mooooos!


Peta And Those That Belong To Peta

This response submitted by Coyote on 4/23/05 at 9:36 AM. ( )

Are nothing but a bunch of two-faced,egotistical liars. Most would starve to death if they really practiced what they preached. I just don't believe that those idiots never eat any kind of meat, fish or fowl. Do they color Easter eggs for their children on easter? Or buy the plastic eggs and hide them? Do they eat turkey for Thanksgiving? Or a ham on easter or Christmas? How people believe what they stand for is beyond me. They are even trying to tell our children to stop drinking milk. Give me a break already. I won't even go to the web sites that has anything to do with them. If people start to ignor them and stop giving them donation. They would disappear into the thin air they came from.



This response submitted by G-man on 4/23/05 at 12:23 PM. ( )

I am surrounded by them when I'm ay home.My girl of seven years is a vegan, and lots of her crowd are "active" in great causes like banning the use of hounds for cat and bear in my state.They are real quiet on that subject now.In '91 when they ralleyed for that cause there where 18 reports in the state of coug' to human harrasment.Last year there where over 600!Whoops!Might oughtta left that alone!Not a peep on the subject now when the state issues public safety hunt permits alowing hunters to use hounds to cull cats around rural elementary schools and churches.
The die hards don't celebrate easter or christmas but "beltane" and "solstices" and "mayday" --no colored Beltane eggs I assure you.They drink soy everything and eat-get this-- Tofurkey! I'm not kidding ,tofu made to look like a turkey.My girls a good egg and its kind of wierd for her too-"this is my boyfriend G-man,he's a ....wildlife artist? (I can see it in her eyes she is hoping they will leave it at that.The cool thing here is we are raising a daughter together (9 yr old) who loves nothing more than seeing o'l dad flop a couple of bloody steaks on the grill.Compromise.Mom says its up to her.She wants to hunt,fish and eat meat with dad, its up to her.Now it may seem like "sleeping with the enemy" but I have learned a great deal.The die hard PETAs have absolutely no understanding of game management, don't understand that we support conservation to secure our futures and don't realize that the 3 bedroom house they built with a nice wide driveway for the suv and the volkswagen van just chipped away another acre of habitat.They are blinded by opinion but sleep well dreaming of cuddly little bunnies-not the deer lying on the freeway that wouldnt have had to cross the freeway if the new condos on the other side had'nt eaten 20 acres of grazing.

So with ALL the information...

This response submitted by Craig on 4/23/05 at 6:27 PM. ( )

you have to the contrary why is your "girl" still a vegan? Let her know she is shortening her life by not eating meat. Maybe there is still hope for her. Keep trying to educate and indoctrinate her to our side. Conservation not preservation!

I find it helpful to know my enemy but sleeping with them is just a little too close for me, lol. She must be a 10 on a scale of 1-5.

Oh yeah!

This response submitted by G-man on 4/23/05 at 8:01 PM. ( )

Shes easy on the eye alright.She's not vegan due to moral issues but after finding out what I couldn't defend about store bought meats and milk and all the secret surprises that come along with them,the steroids, antibiotics, antibacterials sprayed on at the point of packaging,heavy metals, and so on--decided to give it up.Recently she has shown promise by considering wild game due to my preaching about its natural diet and the human bodys need for protein.This summer we will begin raising layers and fryers.
It's a tough argument for the store bought stuff.Sure I still buy and consume it, but some of the propaganda for staying with the free range has certainly opened my eyes a bit.The antibiotic build up thing makes me think.
Hey I don't want to sound like Im on the wrong side here,I think If god had'nt intended for us to eat animals, he would'nt have made them out of meat, but sitting down to a nice steamy plate of Cephlex does'nt do much for me either.But given the choice, I would take the Cephlex straight, over Tofurkey.

A little more research and I found,

This response submitted by Pirate on 4/24/05 at 12:26 AM. ( )

I found out that the campaign did start in Maryland. Someone looked up who owned the website and it was a marketing company. PETA isn't listed as a client of that company. The two larger companies that are clients that could bankroll this type of an operation is the Milk industry and Maryland lottery. The lottery wouldn't surprise me. I hear that gambling in this state is down and they have done weird campaigns before. It will be interesting to see on May 5th.

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