Needed Taxidermy for Faithful Cat

Submitted by Jackie on 4/26/05 at 3:13 AM. ( JJRM661@AOL.COM )

I live in Akron, Ohio and I am looking for prices and someone to stuff my 15 lbs. white cat when he decides to leave me. This is no joke I need to always have Casper by my side, will someone help me on my quest? Thank You.

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He is the Best

This response submitted by IMHO on 4/26/05 at 9:42 AM. ( )

Kulis, Inc
725 Broadway Ave
Bedford, OH 44146
Phone: (440) 232-8352
Fax: (440) 232-7305


I agree

This response submitted by Mary on 4/26/05 at 11:25 AM. ( )

I grew up in Garfield Heights and visited Joe Kulis' shop in Bedford on many occasion in my teen years. His work was the inspiration that greatly influenced me into the field of taxidermy. He is definitly who I would recommend for the quality work you would be looking for to preserve your pet. Bedford is not a very far distance for you to travel,either.
Best regards,

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