Submitted by EARL on 4/26/05 at 9:59 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

Just wondering if any one has used the forms ? I just mounted up two today..With those new eyes they worked out ok ,looked good..Just wanted some opinions..Thanks..Earl

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First rate IMO

This response submitted by mrdux on 4/26/05 at 11:12 PM. ( mrdux@refugemail.com )

I ordered 3 Last Chance forms from them as soon as they got a catalog to me. Their customer service has been great and delivery time good. It has been a LOVE/HATE with my customers as to their opinions of the leg stubs on them. Some love them/ some hate them. I like the 90/100 eyes as do the customer who I have mounted for. I do more clay work than they say is necessary but that's just me. I recently had a customer who ABSOLUTELY had to have a left turn in a Last Chance form. They aren't made right now! When I called Revolution, they told me of a new form that would be debuting at the World Show, the Hide and Seek. I asked if I could get one of those early. They sent me one right out. I was able to have it mounted by the WTC, where I personally talked to their folks and told them how much I appreciated their efforts and products.

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