Strange story

Submitted by George on 4/28/05 at 12:08 AM. ( )

Today I was mounting an old bighorn ram that the customer had insisted on keeping the horns until the hide got back from the tannery. As you probably guessed, the horns were dried to the cores.

I got a vat of water boiling and submerged them in it for about 30 minutes. I took them out, cut the connective tissue with a brain spoon and the horns slipped easily off the cores. It was then that I noticed the spike.

On the left core, a one inch spike stuck up just like a brow tine on a whitetail. The cases were perfectly typical, but here was the core with a point on it.

On closer observation, I saw that it was about one inch up under the cusp of the horn case and I could see a hole in between the spike and the main core. I immediately assumed that it had been a botfly larvae that had invaded the horn and died in the process. I could actually see "something" down through the hole.

Fearing that the spike might interfere with me putting the cases back on the cores, I took a sharp hatchet and just "pruned" the spike of the core. The "larvae" fell out on the floor with a clicking sound and bounced away.

I figured it had just petrified and went over to pick it up. It was then that I made the shocking discovery of what it actually was. It was the upper canine tooth from either a bear or a cougar. It was perfectly formed and you could see where the root had been broken off.

Now I can only imagine what might have happened to cause this, but it's truly strange to see such a thing and wonder what the rest of the story actually was. It will sure give the hunter a good story to tell.

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Very interesting!

This response submitted by Kim on 4/28/05 at 12:57 AM. ( )

That is unique! I'll bet some bear or cougar is in need of a dentist!

that is odd

This response submitted by jimsoverns on 4/28/05 at 2:35 AM. ( )

how long do you suppose that the tooth was in there,,,and how would you display it with the ram,,,thats a lucky find,,,,,,,,,,,,,jim

cool story

This response submitted by paul e on 4/28/05 at 7:50 AM. ( )

makes you wonder what a animal goes through in its life

to bad they dont have a little black box like the airlines

I have no idea how long it was there

This response submitted by George on 4/28/05 at 10:43 AM. ( )

But it was imbedded deeply enough into the core that the core had "repaired" itself. From the circumference of the core under the tooth, the ram probably could have been no more than 2 or 3 at the time of the incident.

strange story

This response submitted by J on 4/28/05 at 10:48 AM. ( )

with no more info than this im astounded at Georges reply.this shows once more George knows all!

Strange story #2

This response submitted by Buckeye on 4/28/05 at 11:49 AM. ( )

George, that's a strange story and your right, the hunter has a good conversation piece forever (I know from experience). Last fall a good friend of mine brought me two whitetails to mount for him, one for himself and the other for his ten year old grandson. His grandson's deer was a nice deer but it had the left side broke about half way up the main beam. While skinning around the antler burrs I noticed a small knot (on the skull) about an inch under the antler burr on the same side that was broken. I did'nt think much of it until after I cut the skull plate off. When I cleaned out the brain cavity I found the end of a tine about 1 1/2" long punched through the skull into the brain cavity. The skull had grown over the broken part of the tine, and the brain looked as if it were never touched. The ten year that I mounted the deer for is as proud of that little piece of antler as he is the actual mount. George, you have tought me alot about this fine art, you have even given me hell a few times (I probably deserved it) but now I can say we have something in common. Thanks for listening!

Nice post.

This response submitted by duckfeathers on 4/28/05 at 11:55 AM. ( )

Thanks George. Sincerely, I must say that I enjoyed this type posting much more than all the "controversy" on this forum.

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