Submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/28/05 at 3:38 AM. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

one say? I could not believe my eyes today! I received a box from UPS today and I assumed it was some supplies. Little did I know and expect that it was my hides! I have finally found a tannery that is second to none! I seen the outside of the box said Wildlife Gallery! I wasn't expecting to see that. I received my hides back in about 3 1/2 weeks. No holes, no hide cut away, no blown out ears, they are just clean, beautiful, soft hides and they smell good too! I gave them a L/S black bear and a L/S coyote at the World Show, which the last day was 4-2-05 and I got them back today 4-27-05. These hides look like they are ready to mount! I could not be happier with the hides! Anyone looking for a great tannery needs not look any farther. Since this is the Industry column I like the fact that some people come on here and tell us what they have found and what products and research they have done and the results of such. I am hoping to keep people from having to experiment like I had to. I have always tanned everything myself but I am getting to the point that it seems like I run out of time trying to tan my own hides and then mount everything. That is why I went on the search for a great tannery. I don't ask for much, just my hides, quality, tanned, and not missing any thing when I get them back and back when they say they will be. Now that might seem like a lot to expect to some but I think it is reasonable. There are many that I haven't tried but why keep searching once you have found the Quality that you expect from a professional commercial tannery. Did I mention the name of that tannery? WILDLIFE GALLERY! I had a lot of people recommend them to me, now I know why! Now for those who want to continue reading this post, I fore warn you. Don't continue reading if you don't want to hear the TRUTH on my search for a great tannery!
Any of you that have been following some of the tanning post know that I have a problem about ticking people off from telling the truth! If I get crap back from somewhere or something is wrong I don't seem to care much about someone's feelings. If the truth hurts so be it. After seeing the hides that came back from Wildlife Gallery today, I am glad to say that I no longer need to look for a good, dependable, quality tannery. I found it, The Wildlife Gallery! I was so happy that I even called up both customers and had them come look at the hides and let them compare them to the others. Both customer's said the same thing I did, "WOW"! They both thanked me for being so picky when they compared their hides to the others. Makes you feel good to know that your customer's appreciate the quality that you expect as well. My coyote didn't come back missing any body parts like one did from USA Foxx not to mention the deer hide they took upon themselves to cut away hide and completely trimmed the lips and most of the nose and hair away from the face and the beavers with about 30 holes in them. The other tannery I tried was Moyle which they said they couldn't find my hides on 2 different occasions when I called to check on them. However, when they did find them and I got them back they were decent but no better than I could have done myself at home. Although they would have not ever been lost and wouldn't have cost me as much to have done in a rush period which they weren't done by the time stated and I haven't made that many holes in a hide since the 1st year I started doing taxidermy. AT least USA Foxx took care of one of the hides they claimed that if it isn't done in 30 days it's free and they did ship me a tail to replace the one that was torn off my coyote. They also told me to let them know how upset the customer is with the deer when he comes to pick it up since the double white patch was trimmed completely off the deer along with the lips and hair line and the nose pad. I guess when the customer decides to pick it up then I will know how upset he is with the hide. It wasn't that the tanning job was bad from either place just the way the hide was handled and returned. I know mistakes are made and that people are human I guess I just have high standards or maybe I expect to much? If thats the case then I guess I have found a tannery that feels the same way! The Wildlife Gallery. I hope that I save someone from trying the different tanneries that I have so they don't have to go through the same thing. You can now start posting the P Oed post and sending the P Oed emails to me if you would like but I warned you not to continue reading. Undoubtedly there will be someone that has their feelings hurt or says that it is bad business to tell you all the "TRUTH" of my findings. Save yourself some time and the trouble of the search. Check this tannery out guys and gals I think you will be as Happy as me and then you can post how happy you are! I had one guy that told me at the World Show, "Maybe I shouldn't tell you how good they really are because it might cause a longer turnaround time for my stuff!" Don't remember who or how many people recommended The Wildlife Gallery to me, but thank you. www.thewildlifegallery.com 989-561-5369
Thanks, Dan Hudzik

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One less thing to worry about

This response submitted by Justin on 4/28/05 at 6:34 AM. ( justpohl@aol.com )

They are my peace of mind as well. Great product, they're real pros over there.

Welcome to the family

This response submitted by Five-O on 4/28/05 at 7:21 AM. ( )

Dan. They realy are second to none. I myself enjoy the truth! The Wildlife Gallery treats you like one of there own from the top down. Brad and Brian have created the MECA of tanning. Just my 2 cents...DAN CATLIN

very fortunate!

This response submitted by Pete on 4/28/05 at 8:53 AM. ( )

fortunately I have never experienced dealing with a bad tannery! That's because I have always dealt with Misty Ridge Tannery! Another awesome tannery! Dealing with Dave Gilbert is the best thing going. If you want quality and great service, he's the man. I have seen his work load. And being a one man band, I wonder how he get's it all done. I drop off hides, and before you know it he's calling to tell me he has them done. I never really never realized how good I had it until I have talked to friends with bad experiences, and reading things on this site. Thanks again to Dave for making my job worry free!


This response submitted by mark maier on 4/28/05 at 11:16 AM. ( )

Went to Wildlife Gallery last year after many years at Carolina Fur Dressing. Should have switched sooner. CFD is good tan, but blowed ears, etc common. Not so with Wildlife Gallery. Turnaround time good hopefully will stay that way as long as not too many read this thread.

I have been with the Gallery over 10 years

This response submitted by Dawn on 4/28/05 at 1:00 PM. ( )

I have been with Brad and the gang at the gallery for over 10 years. I am fortunate enough that there shop is only about 8 miles from my shop and I get to visit there business many times throughout the year. Though Brad and Brian are the greatest - the employees at their facility are just as superior. Their facility is top notch because Brad has only the best working for him. I know many of the employees there - from the ladies answering the phones (when Owen is too busy to do it - lol) to Bill and Elias in receiving (boy they are busy men) to the many shavers, to Nate (who apparently has too many titles - lol) who make the gallery one of the greatest tanneries out there. They are first class - and the great customer service the staff gives you goes above and beyond what you expect or deserve. I am hooked on the Gallery - and I look forward to many more years with them. Hear that Gallery guys - you can't get rid of me that easy..............

See you soon.


This response submitted by Drew on 4/28/05 at 10:40 PM. ( )

Don't ruin a good thing. :)

love the gallery work

This response submitted by PAUL RINGLER on 4/29/05 at 12:22 PM. ( )

I too use The wild life gallery, their work is fantastic, However
I wonder how you got your hides so quickly,I have some of the same types of hides there for many weeks now, Usually I've been told about a 70 day turn around. Wondering what kind of pull you have to get them back in 3 weeks. Just curious. I live within 45 min of the gallery so I drop off and pick up my stuff. I love the work I get back from them


No pull Paul!

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/29/05 at 5:38 PM. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

Just lucky I suppose. You know like in your own shop sometimes some things just get done a little faster! At least that seems to be how stuff in my shop ends up sometimes! LOL Dan Hudzik

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