NY Taxidermists Beware Of New Regs

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- State environmental officials said Wednesday they received a preliminary positive result for chronic wasting disease in a wild deer.
The DEC said it will file emergency regulations later this week to ensure proper handling of deer in an effort to prevent further spread of CWD in the wild. The emergency rules will specify record keeping and reporting requirements for taxidermists.

The regulations will establish a containment area in Oneida County where CWD has been identified. Initially, it will include the cities of Rome, Sherrill, Utica and Oneida, and the towns of Floyd, Marcy, Whitestown, Westmoreland, Verona, Vernon, Kirkland and New Hartford.

The new rules will prohibit movement of certain animal parts out of the containment area, establish mandatory check stations for any deer taken by hunters in the containment area, and prohibit possession of any deer killed by a motor vehicle so DEC can acquire specimens for testing.

The collection, sale, possession, or transport of deer or elk urine taken from the containment area also will not be allowed. Urine is used by hunters to attract the animals.

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Here's the web link

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copy and paste this if you want

Isn't life grand..

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I'm right in the middle of the containment area! I locals want to string up the taxidermist that brought in the deer from out west. Anyway, we have to deal with it now. A question for you western taxidermist in CWD states. How did this affect your business? What did your state do to prepare you for this disease? What were the new regulations pertaining to deer handling? And what did you personally do to protect yourself as in gear etc. I know there's very small risk in contracting CJD from TSE, but I'd let to be prepared just in case. Thanks guys...


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not only do we have to deal with hostile down staters, a wishy washy dec, and harsh winters now we have to deal with jerks importing diseases into the state screwing up hunting even more.

be careful

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The "jerks" you speak of were in actuallity hunters bringing in carcasses.

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