Garage sales and Taxidermy....

Submitted by Travis on 4/30/05 at 11:13 AM. ( )

Man what a great place to pick up taxidermy supplies...I always ask my wife to keep an eye open for certain things, as she is a garage sale junky. We had our city wide sale this week so I decided to spend the day with her to check out her obsession...Man I found all kinds of goodies. Old silverware for mixing up bondo ect, mixing pots, plastic mating for fin carding, tons of old towels/rags, paint brushes, ect...I walked up to one sale and saw a big box of antlers. There must have been 15 drops in there. I asked the guy how much and he said 5 bucks..FOR THE WHOLE BOX..I was all over that in a heartbeat...if your wife is a garage sale junky, take a day off from the shop and spend the day with her---you might be suprised what ya find out there...Good hunting...

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This response submitted by EARL on 4/30/05 at 11:19 AM. ( ANT/TAX )

Did you get any old brooms for wiskers ?

By golly Earl

This response submitted by Travis on 4/30/05 at 11:29 AM. ( )

I probably walked right past` find alot of old lumber for bases too..

goodwill stores

This response submitted by mike on 4/30/05 at 12:39 PM. ( )

goodwill stores have lots of stuff like that also.

If yo uare near Savannah Ga

This response submitted by B2 on 4/30/05 at 6:11 PM. ( )

Check out Keller's Flea market... I need to get back there, there are one or two booths that have boxes of antler plates, and there are even several old mounts (mountain goat and Mule deer were the ones I saw last visit)plus there are also vendors with the dental picks etc for modeling etc. prices might be slightly higher than at garage sales, but if you are in the area... plus it is only 10 minutes from one of the newer bass pro shops...

The Corps keeps me from getting home much, but I try to go by and check out what they have out there. I have yet to not find some item that would work well in a taxidermy shop..

check it out ifya get the chance. besides, its a nice city to visit..


cool stuff

This response submitted by newbirdman on 5/1/05 at 7:16 AM. ( )

This is all I do on the weekends with my girl friend . In fact , a few months ago I found two mounted fish with a name plate on the front that said so and so's first fish , 1978 . When I looked on the back my name was stamped on it so I bought it for $3.00 .This was the last year I did skin mounts so I needed something for memories .


This response submitted by Alex on 5/1/05 at 6:40 PM. ( )

Being doing that for years, I buy old replica fish and refurbish them and sometimes I get close to what a new one would sell for.

I recently bought 5 deer heads for 125 and sold them for 1500, there is a lot of money to be made that way.

Glad you discovered it.

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