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Submitted by R.J. meyer on 4/30/05 at 2:21 PM. ( )

I have read the 500 pages of posts here and still can not get an answer to the question..........Why wasn't the board allowed to vote on this? ............I know all the history and the gory details from reading the posts but if someone on the board made a motion then why not vote. I personally like Tom and Gail but really do not care if the do the show or not..........my concern is that the board has the power to make this decision and Mark will not allow that vote to happen. This IS NOT about the outcome of the vote .......simply that no vote is being allowed. The board of directors can vote on any issue for which a motion is made and a second is had.

I beleive that I have been wrong on the issue of Marks leadership abilities as he seems to be able to stiffle even a simple vote buy the board, and they play "lap dog" instead of barking. What exactly is the boards function if not to vote on decisions affecting the NTA.

The President as well as the chairnman have no vote.......and the board can overrule them if they attempt to impose their will as they are doing here. Again I really don't care who enters the data at the show I just want the board to do their job.

Again can anyone tell me why a vote is not being allowed ?????????????

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This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 4/30/05 at 2:54 PM. ( )

Mark said it wasn't allowed. He determined that it was not acceptable because there were demands in the proposal. I made the motion it was seconded and three of us voted. No one else said a word. The individual board members chose not to respond. I can only assume they were in favor of not voting. The vote should have been allowed. The same results probably would have happened. Now we have a conundrum what ever that means.


This response submitted by Jan Van Hoesen on 4/30/05 at 3:48 PM. ( vanhoese@freeway.net )

This sounds like Mark as president has full power of the NTA or he thinks he does. Board, you need to stand up for what is right. Mark does not control you. You could vote him out of there and you should as he has taken over all power. You board have become just a figurehead and you count for nothing. Don't any of you have enough gumsion to fight for what is right. Many people are out there reading this and are standing back and shaking their heads. If you don't like what is going on call or e-mail Mark, Crains, Tony or any of the board members. Don't any of you care? Do just hope it will all go away? Your voice does matter. Tell somebody and that includes telling me if you don't like what I'm saying. I'm saying this only to get some trust back into the NTA. It makes me furious that you are letting a bunch of thugs control the NTA and removing all the trust of a once fine organization.

Jan, I guess I was wrong

This response submitted by George on 4/30/05 at 4:59 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

I thought I couldn't be any more shocked at your acrimonious remarks before, but I stand corrected. Now you're advocating anarchism. Have you lost all your senses of compassion and caring? With the logic that you and R.J. exhibit, the NTA President is only elected to be an empty suit. The Executive Director, who's hired to handle day to day operations of the organization is to be removed and then a vote will be required on who's to carry out the trash at the end of the day. Then a vote will be required to see who goes out to evaluate the cities vying for our show and all their inherent requirements.

I understand Joe Kish is, obviously, a near and dear friend, but must you froth at the mouth in his defense for actions that are so blatantly indefensible. To think that you and Tom McNeal would stoop this low in your personal attacks is shocking even to me who'd thought he'd seen everything. If I subtract 4 from the number of people who've carried this issue to this point, your entire legion has evaporated. I've gotten literally dozens of emails and phone calls asking me what has happened to you. I've referred them back to you as I have absolutely no idea.

And you're right. Heads are shaking, but not for what you're advocating. From what I hear, the NTA has gained more credibility than it's enjoyed in years because of you, Tom and R.J. And it's been taken to the point of even embarrassing me to hear some of the comments I do. You've attacked the wrong people. I'm a person who's a nobody and I have no ax to grind with anyone. Mark Wilson has taken a heroic stance at a time when shallower men would have faltered and capitulated. And he certainly has no ax to grind as his term expires on October 1. OR were you insinuating that whoever gets elected for 2006 should be thrown out as well? And again, I apologize for thinking this issue couldn't be dredged any lower and that 3 people couldn't make even bigger fools of themselves. I was obviously dead wrong.

R.J. you should already know!

This response submitted by Mark Wilson on 4/30/05 at 5:19 PM. ( Mark@AfricanHunting.Info )

After setting on the NTA board in the past that people often bring up routine matters that do not require a motion or NTA board approval. They are then informed of such, and the matter is handled as usual business under standing rules and proceedures that are already in place. This is nothing new.

For the first several years that competition data entry people were hired they were were not paid from the convention account, so the expendature did require a vote from the NTA board to approve the expendature.

However a couple of years ago the Convention Chairman agreed to pay the competition data entry people out of the convention account which is administered by him. It is the same account that other routine fees such as seminar instructors and other convention fees are paid out of, so a vote from the NTA board is not required. This is also the only reason that the Convention Chairman is involved in this process as he administers the payments from the convention account.

A NTA board vote would only be required if the Convention Chairman would not agree to pay for the competition data entry people from the competition account. That has never been the case with this current matter.

Also the so called motion that you are refering to was something that was incomplete and that no one in the leadership of any organization could pass. No exact terms or monitary requirements were provided. Only a general motion to accept the offer as amended. What does that mean? I do not know as I have never been informed of the information or provided with that proposal. No board could approve any motion without knowing the terms it was binding the organization to. So even if it was a matter which required a motion, it would have had to have been a properly worded motion. So yes it was denied on the grounds that it was not needed and it was incomplete and inproper in it's content and wording.

Also I am the one that sent Tony's e-mail with this information in it to the entire NTA board. Nothing was kept secret from anyone. And all NTA board members knew of it. As Tony stated, I only heard from him and two others on it.

Last weekend Tony Finazzo hired a person to do the 2005 competition data entry duties for the NTA competition and the NTA Competition Chairman agreed to pay for the expenses out of the NTA competition account and has already done so. I trust that the NTA board will support Tony's decision and judgement, as this person has done an excellant job at other competitions. So, this matter is closed.

I seriously doubt that the NTA board wants to start micro-managing the future hiring of all convention staff and expendatures. If so they will have to individually approve all payments and decisions. It has never been done this way and would probably make putting on a convention and competition almost impossible due to all of the small details that have to be addressed. That is why the NTA has hired a Convention Chairman and given him the authotity to administer the convention account for these purposes.

I also doubt that the NTA board wants to begin approving all people selected to work at the convention on an individual basis. With 50 plus seminars at an NTA convention alone, just that task would overwhelming to a board of volunteers spread accross the U.S. and Canada who only meet twice a year. Any typical motion not made at a board meeting usually takes between several days and a month get a reply from each individual board member. I know that it should not be that way, but that is reality. NTA board members are also people with busy lives who are often unavailable for quick responses. This is why the NTA is set up to have the NTA President, the presiding officer, select and oversee director positions to make sure that the important tasks are broken down to the point that an individual can complete them, and NTA board approval is not required for most of these routine tasks.

I did not set this system up, and if the NTA board wants to change it they can address it at the 2005 NTA Summer board meeting or at any time in the future. However it is a system that has allowed the NTA to operate since 1972.

What does disturb me however is that you are trying to alledge that something underhanded has occured, that is a simple blatent lie! Especially since you previously served on the NTA board and know exactly how things operate. Perhaps you should refocus on using your energy to helping the NTA rather than trying to spread disention and suspicion.

Perhaps someday you and Jan will also both realize that the NTA is not about personalities or politics, it is about trying to do the best that you can to serve the NTA membership! The NTA is a great organization that stands for great things which are more important than any of us.

Hopefully this answers your questions and the questions of any others.

As the song says, " I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not". I have nothing to personally gain from my NTA Presidential decisions except doing what is right for the NTA members. That is all I have ever based my decisions on and all that I ever will. I sleep well at night and have no regrets because I know that I have always done my best for the NTA membership.


Mark Wilson, NTA President

My response

This response submitted by Bill Haynes NTA Vice President on 4/30/05 at 5:25 PM. ( )

I did not vote on Tony's motion because it was not acceptable to me because of the demands attached to his proposal. Had Tom submited his contract without the demands, I would have been the first to vote yes.
As far as the Board not having the "gumption" to do what is right, that is exactly what they are doing. Calling the elected members of the Board a bunch of thugs is really not justified just because the majority does not agree with your views. I think the majority of the membership is in agreement with the NTA President and the Board, or else the phones and email would be smoking. I have not received one phonecall or email from any member. On this forum, there have only been 3 or 4 negative threads, and these are from the same people who have denegrated the NTA for years. I think it is time to stop adding fuel to the fire and let this thing die.

The Thugs

This response submitted by Fugax Proctalgia on 4/30/05 at 9:11 PM. ( )

The present "Thugs" at least didn't QUIT along with a created clic of board quitters.

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