Tom - leave ME out of this

Submitted by Amy Hugon on 4/30/05 at 5:49 PM. ( )

Now, I understand you're singing yet a different tune and have your wife out campaigning against my proposal
Tom, I've not ever met you, but you leave me the **** out of this. I am NOT INVOLVED EITHER WAY. I was not in Huntsville. I have never spoken to you. I have not spoken for or against you in any public venue. I am not campaigning for anyone.

I AM insulted by your insinuation.

My opinion on your proposal would be completely irrelevant since I am not on the NTA Board. The NTA Board, and Tony Finazzo as Chairman of Operations, will determine who runs the computers next year.

It is NOT me.

I am a little busy homeschooling three children and dealing with chronic illness and helping coordinate our Idaho show to get involved in the immature pettiness to which this has devolved.

Also - get and use spell check. When you put out a letter that insults someone, it's nice to spell their name correctly.

And the next time you can't find someone's email, you might perhaps look at their website under the handy dandy links here at taxi-net. That might just work.

Amy Elizabeth Hugon

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Looking forward

This response submitted by sumner on 4/30/05 at 6:46 PM. ( mallardpounder@netzero )

My wife and I will soon be attending your Idaho show and despite all fuss over the last couple days we are excited to join and support the NTA. You were most helpful in getting us some info about the show but after just reading your post I have more respect for you now than before.-Amy you rock, look forward to meeting you and your husband!-John

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