My turkey Update

Submitted by Dawn on 4/30/05 at 6:37 PM. ( )

Finally! Luck was on my side. After two weeks of rising early in the morning and sitting patiently for hours at a time trying everything possible to get a bird luck was with me today. After several failed attempts at flawless plans this morning - I once again headed for the woods. I walked up an old roadway and see an old deer blind just off the side. With the weather looking like rain I figured this way I can sit again (and possibly waste more time) and stay dry until it passed. The husband threw out a hen decoy just across the roadway and we settled in for what we were afraid would be a long wait. In a few minutes time I look over my husbands shoulder through the open window in the blind and here comes a tom crossing the roadway. Then a hen. And two more toms. You can imagine the excitement when I seen them headed toward the decoy. Finally - my best laid plans fell apart and now I pass a blind, throw a decoy out, decide to wait out the rain and as luck would have it - three toms "ambush" me. Just before he got friendly with my decoy I leveled the bead at the bottom of his waddles and touched off the 12 gauge. Those 3 1/2 inch number 4's did the job. I retrieved my bird (which had fell over into the water and mud - gosh was he a mess) and headed for home with a smile as big as the great outdoors. I was never as excited about a bird as this one - probably because I hunted so hard for a turkey this season and my perserverance paid off in the end. 13 days to harvest a turkey - my all time record. Never went past four days before this.

He was a gorgeous bird in color - will have to mount this one. He was 22 1/2 pounds, 9 1/2 inch beard with one inch spurs.

Now I can finally sleep George! (lol)

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A Happy Dawn

This response submitted by Mr. T on 4/30/05 at 9:47 PM. ( )

You are on a cloud! Good Shooting Dawn, Now you have to call for Scott tomorrow?


This response submitted by Mark on 5/1/05 at 8:49 AM. ( )

I was pulling for you the whole time! Thanks for sharing.
Nice Bird and well deserved.

Scott got his three hours later

This response submitted by Dawn on 5/1/05 at 12:14 PM. ( )

Thirteenth day and three hours later in the same spot (actually Scott said it was two turkey feet away from the spot mine was standing) Scott got a nice Tom too. So we got to sleep in the last and final day.

Thanks for the support and the kind words. This is what life should be about.


This response submitted by terry vining on 5/2/05 at 6:53 AM. ( )

Dawn, what hunt unit and season did you have? I was in K, first season is 7 days. I was done the 1st day but it would be nice to get the extra week.

Hi Terry

This response submitted by Dawn on 5/2/05 at 8:45 AM. ( )

We had the I believe ZZ hunt - it is a 2 week season (thank goodness I dang near needed everyday). We are in turkey heaven here. There are more birds than you can imagine. That is until season opened. During the hard part of winter we were feeding them corn just behind the house. They literally were 10 feet from my back deck and stood on the other side of the chainlink fence while my lab jumped up and down barking at them. They never flinched. After several days the lab gave up and just laid there and watched them eat. I am not exaggerating here when I say that the only birds we ever seen feeding were only longbeards. Never a hen or jake came to the corn. The different flocks came like clockwork everyday - I would wait for them and slide open my door and get reference pictures. I have many pictures of turkeys (lol) There were three different flocks and they totaled 67 turkeys on a daily basis. They eat a lot of corn..........All long beards and one that had a double beard. Season opened on on our farm I only seen a total of 11 longbeards. Have no idea where the rest went. But when season came they went silent. Would gobble just as they were coming off the roost but never a sound when they hit the ground. Couldn't call them in no matter what. Every year we usually get our birds opening morning - One year it took me four days - and I took a jake. But this year I couldn't even get one of those. (lol) But I love turkey hunting and it is like Scott always says to me "that's why they call it hunting and not killing".

By the way - I was glad to see you at the show and get some time to speak with you at the meeting. The association misses you. You are just one of those members that brings good things with you.

Hope to see you soon.
Enjoy the newsletter. (lol)

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