fox coyote mix?

Submitted by Chris from Ohio on 8/16/05 at 12:55 PM. ( )

I think I have seen a fox coyote mix. It has the white tip on it's tail, black legs, big ears, and a reddish, gray color. I have seen it several times during the day. I have seen it eating pears that have fallen from my tree. Is this possible? It'f face looks more coyote.

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red coyote

This response submitted by = on 8/16/05 at 1:46 PM. ( )

Coyotes come in several colors. What you have seen is usually called a "red" coyote. Many coyotes have white-tipped tails. It could be a grey fox if it's not a red coyote - you didn't say how big the animal is. Obviously if it's only 8" high at the shoulder, it's a grey fox. It could also just be someone's dog. Post up a picture URL and we'll have a look.

Not likely

This response submitted by Jan Van Hoesen on 8/16/05 at 1:50 PM. ( )

What size is it? Did you know that red fox breeders have developed over 250 different shades of fox color? It could be just an escapee. I believe it's genetically impossible for Fox and coyote to breed. Dog, coyote , and wolf can interbreed but not fox.

Impossible ?

This response submitted by Breck on 8/16/05 at 3:35 PM. ( )

Is it that foxes "can't" interbreed or that they "won't" interbreed. I don't know the answer but they are in the dog family.

fox coyote mix

This response submitted by Chris from Ohio on 8/16/05 at 5:31 PM. ( )

I don't have a picture that I can send. The thing I saw does not have a bushy tail. It more resembles a cat's tail. The body is sleek, and about the size of a coyote. Anothet thing, my cat chased it off. I have never seen anything that looks like it.

Fox coyote

This response submitted by Forrestzoo on 8/16/05 at 6:54 PM. ( )

I am in Eastern NC (beach area)and had someone call me up about a critter he shot in his chicken coop. Bigger than fox, "coyote?" black & white. Ling silky hair...When he brought it to me it was in a huge feed bag with tail hanging out & I thought he had shot someone's dog. Turned out to be a silver fox (black & silver). Figured it had come from a fox hunting club or had escaped from a breeder coming through area to fox hunting club.

Different genus and species

This response submitted by Drew on 8/16/05 at 8:20 PM. ( )

Fox is a "vulpes velox", coyote is "canis latrans". Sounds to me that you are looking at a odd colored fox.

Just Shoot The Darn Thing ....

This response submitted by William on 8/16/05 at 11:43 PM. ( )

and then the guessing can end and we'll all know what the thing is. Might be an Alien!


This response submitted by bob wendt on 8/17/05 at 7:19 AM. ( )

fox/coyote can`t breed, like breeding a squirrel and a cat, can`t happen. it is a fox or it is a coyote or it is an alien from mars. but it is NOT a fox/coyote cross.

Drew & asker

This response submitted by = on 8/17/05 at 8:31 AM. ( )

Red fox is Vulpes vulpes, KIT FOX is Vulpes velox.
Coyote is Canis latrans. Dogs are Canis lupus familiaris.
It sounds like someone's dog with that sleek, short-haired tail, daylight behavior visible to a person, and eating habits. Domestic dogs do goofy things like eating fruit and veggies all the time, look at Beneful.
If there is no trapping season on this species right now in your area - don't catch it except with a camera. Eating pears and running from cats is nothing to worry about.

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