Donations needed for TERF website

Submitted by Evelyn Mills on 10/14/05 at 12:51 PM. ( )

The TERF website is up and running, now all we need are some more donations we can put up for sale. If you want to check out the website go to 100% of your donation will go to TERF.

If you plan to send out a donation, please contact me prior to shipping the donation so I know it is on its way. Also mark each box with the letters TERF.

Your help in this matter is very much appreciated. This fund is for all taxidermists and not just NTA members or state members.

Consider this fund the Red Cross of our industry. We all benefit from having it. The next disaster will strike sooner or later in whatever form Mother Nature decides too (earthquakes, wildfires, storms, flooding, etc). Therefore we need to keep this fund going on a continuous basis.

Hopefully none or very few of us will ever need this fund, but it sure is nice to know that there is help available in the form or this fund when disaster strikes.

Thank you for your support. I hope to hear from you soon.

Evelyn Mills

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