Still in need of some capes for Randy Baldwin

Submitted by Evelyn Mills on 10/14/05 at 12:59 PM. ( )

I want to thank the ones that helped out Randy Baldwin with sending him capes and hides that he is in need of. Thanks go out to Dan Gill, Jim Marsico, Bugling Bull Taxidermy in Colorado and Steve Lewiston.

He is still in need of a few capes and hides. If any of you can spare one of these items it would be greatly appreciated. Let's help Randy get back on his feet after the hurricane.

one zebraskin lifesize for a rug
one gray fox lifesize 2 1/4 by 13 1/2 by 24
two bobcats lifesize 1 5/8 by 19 by 33 and 1 1/2 by 19 by 31
one spotted fallow cape 7 1/4 by 20

Contact Randy at 601-736-7611 or go to

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