Walnut Creek Taxidermy

Submitted by Annette on 10/14/05 at 11:07 PM. ( )

Does anyone know the phone number to the Walnut Creek Taxidermy. That is owned by Mark Swain?

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This response submitted by dex on 10/15/05 at 1:37 PM. ( )

Check their website www.wlanutcreekhardwood.com...bet it's on there.

Try this....

This response submitted by Breakfast Boy on 10/18/05 at 2:40 PM. ( recurveshooter@sbcglobal.net )

I believe you're looking for Walnut Creek Taxidermy out of Upland, Indiana, correct? I just seen Mark Swain's "testimonial" in the brochure for the American Institute of Taxidermy.

According to the Indiana DNR's list of check stations, Walnut Creek Taxidermy's phone number is (765) 348-4223. Give that a try. If that doesn't work, I'm sure you could call the AIT and ask them.

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