Bruce Rittel is your business in harms way?

Submitted by Cecil on 10/18/05 at 11:05 AM. ( )

Last I knew you were in Taunton, MA and I'm seeing on the news a major dam above your town is about to fail potentially sending an eight foot wall of water through town. What's the scoop? Hopefully you're out of line of danger.

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Hopefully So!

This response submitted by Ernie on 10/18/05 at 10:48 PM. ( )

I spoke to him last week And I believe he said he was heading to AK.
Will say a prayer for his safety and also that of his family.

And I thought it was a local problem!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/20/05 at 3:19 AM. ( )

Thanks for asking Cecil! But no - we are not in any danger. Even though I am situated about 500 yards from the river where the flooding will occur if the Dams break - I'm 60 foot above it. The only real problem is - all the roadblocks I have to go through when I want to leave and run to my warehouse. That has slowed me down somewhat. Otherwise we're safe.

PS - I really didnt think we made national news on this - but apparantly we did! I've had other customers ask me about it.

Glad to her it Bruce

This response submitted by Cecil on 10/23/05 at 8:47 PM. ( )

I learned a lot from a video you made on fleshing back when I bought an Eager Beaver in the 80's. Damn good video!

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