UPS , customer no service

Submitted by Dal on 10/19/05 at 8:16 AM. ( )

has gotten me fired up! On 9/19, I contracted with a UPS Store, to deliver a box to Woodville TX. It should have gotten there on 9/22. Then along comes the Wicked Witch of the SE, Katrina, messing everything up and then some. I checked with UPS Tracking and was informed that my box was sitting in Luftkin TX, about 40 miles from where it needed to be, due to weather, shipping would resume as weather permitted. Done deal, no problem; or so I thought. I get a call from the UPS Store on 10/14; my box is back in GA.! It seems that I paid 21.78 to let my box take a 23 day Texas vacation. I should, by all rights, get a refund, but I just want my box delivered to where I paid them to ship it to. I did not want any time specific delivery. However long, just get it there. The UPS Store tells me that even though UPS sat on the box for 14 days before some brain wiz decided to, instead of completing the delivery, send it back to GA., that they want another 21.78 to ship it again! I called UPS direct and was told I am basically SOL. To say I am a little ill over that, coming from a company that posted a pre-tax profit of 4.92 Billion dollars, in 2004, is a gross understatement. When I asked the UPS Store who paid for the shipping back to GA, they said NOBODY. I told them to let NOBODY pay to send it back and to deliver it this time. Of course this was to no avail. I guess you guys could take in your deposit money on all of your mounts and then claim weather conditions beyond your control, to dismiss your agreements to mount them. Profits would be bound to soar; for a little while, NOT! Anybody had any run ins like this with UPS and their CUSTOMER NO SERVICE? Any suggestions as to what I should try next? I just want done, what I paid to have done! Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.BTW, I found out from my TX folks, UPS was back on the streets within 5 to 6 days after the big K!

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If you get your box back with no satisfaction

This response submitted by Cecil on 10/19/05 at 9:52 AM. ( )

and you have another shipper available, I would got with that other shipper, and send a complaint letter to the main coporation headquarters. Accurately and succintly state your problem with all pertinent information including tracking numbers. Indicate you won't be using their service again. Sounds like someone lower down is an idiot and is in reality a liability to the company. Why a coporation would want to lose a customer knowing full well it's easier to keep a customer than get one back is beyond me. It's downright stupid.

USPS Priority Mail

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Priority Mail from the Post Office has been my only method for shipping for the last year. I've had no problems.....yet!

Up here in the upper Midwest(MN,WI,ND,SD) we have Speedy Delivery. I can get my shipments from Van Dykes for less than half of what UPS costs. Unfortunately I can't send my stuff out with them.

It happened once to me

This response submitted by Evelyn on 10/19/05 at 4:11 PM. ( )

Instead of my boxes going to my tannery in Houston they ended up with a taxidermy studio in upper New York state. ? Don't know how their address ended up on my boxes. Anyway, I am not one for being pushed around especially by UPS. After I called them and got no satisfaction I called again and demanded to talk to the manager of UPS. They also told me I am sol and have to pay shipping cost to Houston from New York. I told them my mind and would not let it rest. Told them how good of a customer I have been, howmuch I ship with them through my business, blah blah blah, mentioned the F word(FedEX...LOL) and guess what? They sent the boxes back out to Houston, no extra charge and even refunded me my initial shipping costs.
Sometimes you have to scream and kick a little to be heard (like in that song)and to get things done. Don't give up. They have to make good on their service to you. I would call back again and demand to talk to the head huncho.


This response submitted by Kim (Scary) on 10/19/05 at 5:41 PM. ( )

Remind me never to make you mad at me. LOL

At least they didn't throw it away!

This response submitted by mjvaden on 10/19/05 at 6:29 PM. ( )

At least they didn't throw it away. I sent a serval Cat a $650 specimen to South Carolina from Georgia UPS next day. Well, to make a long story short the idiot Driver said he could not find the address and the box came back to the hub. Someone asked what it was and when they found out it was a frozen animal they F*&^ING threw it in the trash. They told me that they filed a claim on my behalf and denied in on my behalf! I went strait to the corporate office and after three months of fighting with them the "head Huncho" said that in their 700 plus paragraphs (YES 700) of reasons why the don't have to pay a claim that they "reserve the right to dispose of any package for ANY reason they deem nessarry" and then the ass H ol e said including the that is gross factor! He finely agreed to send me $100 shutup money but said that it was not part of any claim. That did not even cover the shipping cost!

The UPS executive then told me to "find someone else to ship with because they did not want my business" I told him that the Wallstreet journal reported that there are 85,000 taxidermist in the United States, and he responded "we don't want any of them"! And added "you people are disgusting."

I was spending about $8,000 to $10,000 a year with UPS and will never use UPS ever again. Even with the suppliers if they will only ship UPS I will not buy from that supplier period!

Shortly after that I had the UPS driver show up at my house and Believe it or not Steal a live box turtle off my front porch and set it free. I let him a nasty letter the next day and told him that the turtle was hit my a car and I was nursing it back to health to help it. We the dumb Ass wrote me back and apologized for taking it and said "he has seen many horrible things done to animals and he didn't know I was actually trying to help it.
I went to his supervisors armed with his confession and demanded that he was taken off my rout because I was afraid that this jerk would try to "LIBERATE" some of the other 40 or so live pets I have. UPS would not do any thing! They only thing they said was sorry he would not do it again and that he had "good intentions."
I tried to file theft charges with the police and was told that since I really didn't own the turtle that the State actually owns the wildlife that I could not file charges.

We need to all not support UPS. They are a pathetic company! I have filed atleast 10 claims for lost, stolen, or destroyed packages over the last 10 years and they have yet to ever make good on a single claim!

Try Fed Ex I have had really good experiences with them. And they are cheeper too.

They owe me $2800

This response submitted by Jerry C on 10/19/05 at 7:31 PM. ( )

Lost 10 raw capes and 2 LS skins. The guaranteed shipping time was 1 day. It took a week and everything was spoiled. They've been jerking me around since July.


This response submitted by Becky on 10/20/05 at 12:10 AM. ( )

Screw UPS! These stories are just awful. I am going to take your advice and use another shipping company. It seems like they can do whatever they want with your packages, and they are NEVER in the wrong. I hope someone sues the crap out of them one day!

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