Update on TERF website

Submitted by Evelyn Mills on 10/19/05 at 8:22 PM. ( taxidermyranch@aol.com )

I like to thank the following people for their donation to the TERF website:

Walnut Creek Hardwood,Inc which donated several very nice turkeypanels and antlermounting kits. They are all listed separate. Go check them out.

Becky Phillips of Big Buck Taxidermy in Waco, TX. She donated a box of various items which will be added to the site tomorrow. Items include various eyes for bird, mammals, fish, earliners, deerneckform, change out head for whitetail, birdbodies, etc.

We need to receive more donations for the site in order to generate funds for TERF. If you haven't done so already, please visit
www.taxidermistrelieffund.com and help us out with either a donation or by buying items that are up for sale.

Thank you

Evelyn Mills

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