I'm done for the season!

Submitted by Nina Lukaszewicz on 10/22/05 at 12:36 PM. ( 1224@earthlink.net )

Today was the Pennsylvania Youth antlerless hunt. This morning, almost everything had gone wrong. My dad was working, so my uncle Bob was the only one who could take me. I woke him up at about 7:00 (Because I got up late myself) Well, by 7:35 we were all decked out in camo and we went outside to get on the quad. Another problem of ours was that my dad had taken my own bottle of Scent-A-Way cover scent, and I could not find it anywhere, so we had to hunt without scent cover. No cover scent, and we got into the woods really late, so I really wasn't expecting to see any deer!

The place we were hunting at was right across the street, in the woods by our neighbors farm. We parked the quad at the start of a fenceline amd sat down against a tree several yards into the woods. It could have only been a few minutes into the hunt, and then my uncle told me there were two does about 70 yards in front from us into the woods, walking broadside towards the fenceline. I moved slowly and turned around to get a shot, and got the .243 up on my knee, and found the deer in my scope. I put the crosshairs on the chest of one of them, and fired. When I put the gun down, I saw a flash of white and brown kicking wildly on the ground. I knew it was my deer, in only a few seconds it stopped kicking and lay still. (when I gutted the deer later, I found that I had a perfect heart shot). then I waited a few more minutes and then walked up to the deer. I thought it was going to be a doe, but it was a small button buck. Funny thing is, that I've been hunting for three years and have yet to bag a doe...they have all been bucks....I'm cursed! LOL Im still really happy though because I get some more venison mmmmmmmm .... and even another deer cape to mount up. ......

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Congrats Nina!

This response submitted by Paul C on 10/22/05 at 12:49 PM. ( )

And they say all the deer are gone from Penns Woods! You've had an incredible season. First, that GREAT BUCK and now a nice, um, well, uhhh......button head. Don't feel bad about the button head Nina. With time you'll learn to look at the face of the deer and be able to tell (most of the time) if its a doe or a button buck. Its really hard when you don't have several deer to compare your target deer with.
Congrats again!
BTW....is your dad going to make you push for him now? LOL.

Congrats too!

This response submitted by jrosbor on 10/22/05 at 5:30 PM. ( huntersdream3x@hotmail.com )

When you get to be my age, You won't be to tell the dif. between bucks or does unless they are right on top of you or are sporting a 150+ rack! When you have youthfull eyes don't take them for granted! They don't last long! The venison from that button buck will be the best tasting venison money CAN'T buy. And button bucks make beautiful mounts. Just check out the one Glen did at http://www.hidetanning.net/DoeButtonBuckAlteration.html
Well congrats again! Joe

not to be too picky

This response submitted by Derek on 10/22/05 at 8:04 PM. ( bowserwildlifecreations.net )

first off I want to congratulate you on your success, I remember both of my daughters first few deer, they were all does or buttons, but one thing concerns me a bit, you said you were all camo'd out, here in Pa you must wear 250 square inches of blaze orange visible 360 degrees while rifle hunting deer even in the early special youth season. I'm hoping it was an oversite and you didnt mention it, because I would hate to see someone so involved with the outdoors end up with a fine or worse because someone didnt see you when they should have. if I'm sticking my nose where it doesnt belong I'm sorry but I just wanted to make that point, good luck in the future, Derek

good shoot'n

This response submitted by mike w on 10/22/05 at 9:30 PM. ( )

i wish my boys shot as well as you, we would have more deer meat!

dont want to talk about good shots !

This response submitted by mark B on 10/22/05 at 10:01 PM. ( )

both of my 13 year old twins . missed 3 deer apiece today . <in colorado>?

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