Quebec Lite Econo

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New Quebec Lite Econo

After three years on the drawing board, we finally expect to put on the market a machine made specifically for the beginners. In 2000 we developed the Quebec Lite , for the one man shop and a teaching tool for a future full time flesher. It proved to be one of the most demanded machine on the market for the price. We are about to do it again, this time it's for beginners.

This new model, called the Quebec Lite Economical machine, is made especially for the part time or very small shop or as a trainer before becoming a full time operator. This machine will be the most popular electric driven, twelve inch, circular fleshing knife. Made of a new composite material, it is lite but rugged, rust proof and very silent. It's lower price is it's greatest advantage( Quebec Pro: $1305.00 Quebec Econo: $550.00 ) The one hour video will teach most everybody how to master it with excellent results . The first ten deer hides you flesh are sufficient to justify the price of such a machine. When properly operated , a regular deer cape can be cleaned and tined in less than twenty minutes. By properly adjusting the guards, you control the dept and with of cut. Wrap the skin to touch both guards and pull slightly up and across.

It is guaranteed to work as described, if a part is damaged or a problem arrises we stand behind our product and will doo all we can to direct you in the right direction. All parts are replaceable.


For further information on this machine give me a call and ask any question you may have. Remember that most times, prices go up much faster than they go down. Most owners with Quebec machines agree that they should have made that purchase years ago and the cheep toy they first bought was just that Ďa toy' They lost money and precious taxidermy time. Are you not serious in mounting a well prepared cape? A good tool is a large step in that direction. If you want good results and make money in this field you need to buy the best equipment you fan afford.

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