Thanks WASCO

Submitted by DaveT on 10/24/05 at 10:42 PM. ( )

Some folks come on here and talk about the poor service they have received.. well I thought I would post a different perspective. I have never had anything but great service from WASCO. I placed an order late Wednesday and it was here today (Georgia to Texas). The order, as always, was complete and accurate.

One of the benefits moving back to Texas from Montana is the fact that i knwo shop more (shipping costs) from WASCO. I still remember how I waited each year for their catalog it was always filled with the latest and greatest... nothing has changed.

Thanks Sallie, Ken and the rest of the WASCO team.


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ive always recieved great service also from WASCO

This response submitted by paul e on 10/25/05 at 1:28 PM. ( )

there catalogs are a work of art in itself
full of great ideas and pictures
great to sit down and make a wish list

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