Submitted by John Janelli on 10/25/05 at 9:13 PM. ( sinclairsjj@aol.com )

The NTA is taking a vigorous stand in monitoring all CWD related issues in all states that are now being ambiguosly regulated. We are working very closely with several state taxidermists organizations as new laws and regulations are now binding the very profession that our clients used to move so freely within. In addition, the NTA has been literally working hand in hand with the USDA,APHIS and the NJ Fish & Game Biologists in the culling,testing and documenting of captive elk and deer. The NTA has also just been recently approved and accepted by the CWD Alliance in Washington DC for membership, pending NTA board approval. This is one issue where we cannot rely on public perception and panic to overrule sound game management. There is no way possible that any state could afford the manpower to spot check every vehicle, studio and processing facility for CWD infected suspects at all the boarders, state lines and other locations during hunting seasons. In fact, several states have been reported as being non-cooperative with each other because they would not relinquish their nonresident license sales manifest.
In short, this NTA board worker (JJ) feels that state health and wildlife officials should be utilizing their taxidermists resources to identify CWD suspected trophies, rather than impose sanctions and penalties against us or our clients. Law enforcement agencies as well should encourage taxidermists to support their efforts to halt CWD panics through education and awareness. If there was ever a time to join and support your home state taxidermists group and or the National Taxidermists Association, please let it be now.
The NTA has been so actively involved in caring for all taxidermists in our community that we are now being noticed by many other national and worldwide organizations as being the sole stewards of our own industry. A sincere thank you goes out to over 2,200 NTA members who have made that possible. To the other 6,800 taxidermists in the USA; You're not heavy, you're our brothers too.
John Janelli
NTA Director of Public Relations
Educational Resources
1-877-J A N E L L I

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Hey John

This response submitted by Len on 10/26/05 at 6:28 PM. ( lengums@wi.rr.com )

Hi John, Here is Wisconsin, the DNR has worked with the Wisconsin Taxidermist Assc. from the day CWD was first discovered here in 2002
and helped in setting up some of the regulations pertaining to taxidermists and handling possible CWD deer.We haven't been as involved now as they have their programns going trying to test deer. Taxidermists, many not members,but are registration stations,do help the DNR in getting the samples for them to test.Hunters have adapted to the changes in the hunting "CWD"zones,even though we do not like it. I am right in the "Eradication Zone" so I also have first hand knowledge of the regulation changes. I have been a NTA member since the early nineties, so if you make it out this way this fall, you are more than welcome to join me on a hunt in the zone.

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