Hate Mail: Is my family in danger; whats the right thing to

Submitted by Michigan Taxidermist on 10/26/05 at 10:41 AM. ( dodgercoach2003@yahoo.com )

Hello All,
This question goes out to the seasoned vets, or anyone really who has been put on mailing lists with offensive names and thier business address, recieved actual hate letters, or phone calls, and how did you deal with it? , and should we really put our address on our business card or the internet?

With todays radicals, bomings and all, are taxidermists " sitting ducks" for those who despise what we do, and hate that we do it.

Any advise would be helpful.

Im considering a p.o. box. But it is almost untraceable when someone puts you on a mailing list as
F. U. Taxidermist

Should we begin to be more concerned with the safety and welfare of our familys and ourselves, or just get a laugh, toss them out, and forget about it.
I would have to say, we are very vunerable as business owners, crazys have complete acess to us, where do we go from here?


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hate mail

This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 10/26/05 at 11:30 AM. ( )

If you are using outlook express, open the email, click on "message" at the top of the screen. When the box opens, click on"block sender"
You can also create a message rule, using the same box that will help
block the sender.

If there are threats

This response submitted by DaveT on 10/26/05 at 11:57 AM. ( )

Contact your local authorities. If it comes over email and is from animal activist contact the FBI as a lot of these groups are considered terrorist organizations.


Phone message

This response submitted by Robert on 10/26/05 at 12:10 PM. ( )

This past summer I received a very disturbing message left on my voice mail( my shop phone was transferred to my cell). I took it very seriously. I contacted the local game wardens as well as the sheriffs dept. I made sure that a report was filed. I tried every thing I could to trace the call but because it was routed to my cell there was no way either phone company could trace it ( so they said ). I don't take threats on my family's lives lightly and neither should any one else. This is america and we have the right to defend ourselves. Shame on any one who tries to harm me or my family. It's sad that we have to take these measures.


I may have gotten the girl at the gas station fired

This response submitted by Cecil on 10/26/05 at 12:51 PM. ( )

for making fun of me because I am a taxidermist. Does that count? LOL


This response submitted by Ron P on 10/26/05 at 1:24 PM. ( )

Every day my email box is full of email attachments from what I figure is an anti hunter virus attacks.
Saturday evening I took my son and son & law out predator hunting on a nearby farm where I have permission to hunt. We parked on the right side of the road but crossed and set up our first stand on the left side of the road. After a half an hour or so it was time to move so we came back to the truck and were planning to set up on the other side. As we came out of the woods my son in law said he saw deer over across the road back along the wood line and we also saw a car parked behind my truck. They didnt have me blocked in but I had to maneuver to get out and I didnt recognize where their plates were from. We wanted to go in to the woods but we kept seeing people walking around the perimiter of the woods and hearing them shout.
We finaly decided they were intentionaly trying to scare wildlife out of the area they thought we were hunting.
I was plenty pissed and we left for another location but I have since devised a plan.
Investing in a roll of scotch tape, a valve stem removal tool and printed out some business card size version of the Indiana law regarding harrassment of hunters, trappers and anglers.
Next time this occurrs they will return to find the card stating the law taped to their windshield along with all 4 of their valve stems carefully removed from each tire taped onto the windshield of their car.
I am protesting "some" individuals who wrongfully keep air in their tires against its will. I have also put the local DNR office number into my cell phone just in case I need to give them a call.


This response submitted by Becky on 10/26/05 at 1:47 PM. ( )

Good one!

good one all right

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/26/05 at 10:04 PM. ( )

And youll wind up with the next flat, because those types of wackos DO remember license plates. I gotta say this, tho...I like your style! Just be careful, and dont get yourself in trouble. Always be above them. And next time, call the law. Thats their job.

Check w/ phone Co.

This response submitted by Michelle B on 10/27/05 at 7:15 AM. ( laurelmt@lhtc.net )

I was continually getting prank calls, hang-ups, etc. (think it was friends of my boys though) but, my phone Co. added "call trace" on my phone for $1 a month. If I get a prank call that's disturbing, I can hang up then dial *57, it gives a confirmation, the call automatically is sent back to phone Co. and authorities. Then of course it's up to me to go to the authorities and press formal charges though. Might be an option for ya or something similar.

Thank you all for the helpful info

This response submitted by Dodgercoach on 10/27/05 at 3:20 PM. ( defordtaxidermy@yahoo.com )

Thanks to all of you, unfortunatly I see a reaccuring theme to the presure being turned up on our occupation, as well as our rights as hunters in this country.

Sine all of our ( some) state associations are now connected with the NTA, I feel like it is the local as well as national trade representatives who should have an emergency plan in waiting.

They should have a national hotline for us to report to the national association violators of our privacy, as well as threats, ect.

I will start another question with that in mind.

Good Hunting,


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