As due paying members, We should have Protection from Antis'

Submitted by Dodgercoach on 10/27/05 at 3:41 PM. ( )

As part of my last question on being harassed by phone, also by mail, what is next? How bad will it get? Does someone, and quite possibly thier family have to be abducted, killed or confronted by these american terrorists, before we get a plan on how we can all pull together, putting our differences aside, and as Wildlife Artists, due paying members or not, will our Organizations due thier part to lobby for legislation that sends clear messages you can not harass a guy who makes ford parts because you work for chevy, you can not shoot the coach of your sons baseball team because he didnt pitch the entire ballgame, and you can not Harrass Wildlife Artists, just because you do not like our Art.

I believe this issue should have been addressed like "yesterday"

It should be an issue that we should have a voice on, and as Artists, have a vote to put resources paid in, to go toward this issue, and a nationwide " Gameplan" for every group of Artists in each State, as well as making our safty a priority by Federal, National, and State Law enforcement Agencies.

What is our first step, and how can we make this a reality?

If it were impossible, Teamsters would not exist, and threaten a Teamster, see what happens. They pay dues, and so do we, the difference is the people who pay dues to thier Union, Demand Action if Violated, in the workplace or not.Maybe its time we " demand Action" on important issues that affect our future.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts, and hopefully a spirited, yet kind discussion, this is about our safety, and the welfare of our Familys, as well as our income making opportunitys.


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Contact authorities!

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 10/27/05 at 8:17 PM. ( )

The laws regarding terrorism are quite strong lately and being threatened is terrorism. I don't see where anyone associated with the NTA can do much, but start with your state association. But first and foremost start with the local authorities, they will want to tap your phone, but if you feel that threatened... If they find out who it is, they will remove the phone and place the individual under arrest. I found that out years ago.. I wasn't arrested but the cops came... Long story. But check there first. I agree that NO ONE should be threatened for what job they have. I don't agree with some occupations but to threaten someone based on that.. Hell I can find hundreds of things to dislike about someone. If they call again, explain to them what and who you are, also explain that you are going to the cops about it. Most people that threaten are cowards, I said most, and when they realize that you aren't going to take it lying down they back off. Hope it helps

I am sure if you put up some money they will.

This response submitted by Todd B on 10/27/05 at 9:04 PM. ( )

But with the annual dues being what they are organizations cannot afford to do something like you are asking. But if you are willing to fork out some cash and get everyone else to do there share then maybe it could happen. I would take Gregs advice and call the authorities. They will probably be the most help.

Todd B

Coach, I must agree with Greg.......

This response submitted by Mac on 10/28/05 at 11:10 PM. ( )

contact the authorities. Keep a notebook as a log book and record the date, time, and as detatiled a description as possible in regard to the harrassment. Do you have caller ID? Not always effective, but could be a help. You ask how bad it will get? That is impossible to say. It is dependant on the idiots that are the cause of your trouble. There have been fringe groups / radicals who make destruction of private property their way to get their point across. (Google E.L.F I think it is) Here is the trouble in regard to the scenario that you pose about joining as a group. Have you ever been a member, board member or Officer of an organization? When you attempt to recruit volunteers for things, even things to benefit your organization, you tend to find that 10% of the membership do for the other 90. I believe, and now being a board member of my State organization and talking with long time members, that statement holds true. Getting the funding to support your idea is unfortunately difficult because people are watching what they put out. It gets hard to fight the "Anti's" because it is easier for them to get public opinion and help behind them. What is the "general public" going to be more apt to contribute too, a hunter / taxidermist whom they they find hard to relate to because of a lack of knowledge about us, or the person portraying the saving of a puppy or kitten? Because of these sort of tactics, they can obtain funding easier, tend to be more organized, and as long as they don't do something stupid such as illegally disposing of euphanized critters in a dumpster, they get the public support. I sent out e-mails to all the State organization presidents listed here at, inquiring about how they get their members to participate. I got less than 1/2 a dozen responses and one was from the group from England and the majority all said the same: We know your question well and if you find an answer, please let us know! Kinda sad but true. Discouraging? yes, but hey, I know that many are just too busy to answer orforget about it because its not high priority. The average person today, in my opinion, is so innodated with a fast paced society, kids activities and concerns with family and work, that making time to volunteer to do something is the last thing on their mind. We have alot against us in the fight against the anti's and most will not react unless directly and intimately threatened, as you are. I hope this might shed a little light. Keep those records, see if there is a special investigator you can talk to at the Police Dept. I know it's not much, but written record goes a long way in legal proceedings. (At least it used too!)


This response submitted by Alex on 10/30/05 at 5:53 PM. ( )

Contact The State Attorney's office and if you have being harrased or threatened ,they will pay for it.

I had a crazy woman that used to call me at all hours of the day and night and harrased me about taxidermy and how she loved the animals and blah blah blah.

Until she threatened to shoot my a** on those very words.

I had complained to the phone company's security department ,they contacted the police with her name and address and she was arrested a week ago and is now facing 7-10 years for terrorism threats, things have changed since 9/11.

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