What month did Taxidermy .net start in 1997?

Submitted by Joey Arender on 10/31/05 at 10:06 AM. ( J32a@aol.com )

Not that in matters much, I just can only find post from Jan. '98.The biggest thing Is I am dang impressed with the nature of some people, You know who you are, not saying that the ones that have been here 2-4 years deserve any less thanks but some have been year 5-8 or more depending on what month in '97. WOW!

And for you guy that have signed off before, (I have ran across in the archives where many of you have and some of you a couple of times). Thanks for just Holding your breath, and resurfacing.

? # 2. Does anyone recall what the first thread was?

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The Taxidermy Net

This response submitted by Ken Edwards, Taxidermy Net Forums Administrator on 10/31/05 at 10:42 AM. ( ken@taxidermy.net )

The Taxidermy Net website went online on November 13, 1996 with taxidermy information, lists of suppliers, taxidermists' websites, associations, conventions, publications, workshops and schools. The Taxidermy Net Forums officially opened on August 14, 1998.

The earliest Forum posts are still available by scrolling down to the bottom of the category menus and clicking on August 1998, then scrolling to the bottom of the menu. The first day had two posts, one in the Beginners category ("Welcome to the Beginners Taxidermy Forum") and one in the Deer category ("Rubbery Whitetail Antlers"), which featured responses from Bill Yox, Rick Carter and John Bellucci.

Thanks Ken

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 10/31/05 at 12:47 PM. ( )

A year longer then I thought. I just haven't been able to get to anything eariler than '98. I will give your way a try.

Ok I was confused

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 10/31/05 at 12:59 PM. ( )

Thats why I haven't found anything prior to '98 The forums weren't open yet, I had just seen in the archives where someone had refered to 97 about something. Did find those two post, I did even know that antlers could be like that. Thanks again, Ken

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