My First Bowkill

Submitted by Nina Lukaszewicz on 10/2/05 at 9:28 AM. ( )

Yesterday my dad took me bowhunting for the first time. We were in treestands about 70 yards away from each other. I saw five deer in all, the first four came walking single file down under my stand: A doe, her two fawns, and last was a spike buck. I raised my bow to get a shot at the spike but then that doe started snorting at me and then they all took off. I thought my hunt was ruined, but a few hours later this big boy came by my stand and at 20 yrds. broadside I took him. I am so proud of my first bow deer. :)

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This response submitted by Paul Czarnecki on 10/2/05 at 9:38 AM. ( )

Nina, let me be the first to congratulate you on here. You have accomplished, on your first day, something that takes some people YEARS to accomplish.
I'm sure your parents are very proud of you. Now how about some details of the hunt? How far? Where did you hit him? How far did he go? Will he be showing up at the next PTA show as a Youth entry or something for the Perry Klein Memorial Award in the Collective Artists Division?
Congratulations again!


This response submitted by Randall on 10/2/05 at 10:16 AM. ( )

Nice accomplishment. What do you think Ted N?

Good Job!

This response submitted by Adam on 10/2/05 at 10:19 AM. ( )

A nicer person couldn't have taken a buck like that! A great trophy for a first time bowkill! Like Paul said, is this guy gonna be at the PTA show in the sping? That short haired beast would look mighty nice as a comp. entry!

I went out myself and saw no deer, but instead got attacked by tree rats. More squirrels in the woods than deer...

Yo, Nina!

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 10/2/05 at 11:44 AM. ( )

Check your e-mail.

I took your photos and ran them through a photo program. You might want to switch them for what you have on your site.

Good job!

Don't forget to send mount photos for Critics' Corner!

Great Job!

This response submitted by Mary on 10/2/05 at 5:04 PM. ( )

What a fine looking buck! All that practice this summer paid off nicely.How proud you must be and how proud you will feel each time your family sits down to meal of that venison. Looking forward to seeing a picture of the mount some day.
Kindest Regards,

Great Job Nina!

This response submitted by Tony J. on 10/2/05 at 8:12 PM. ( )

Congrats! It takes some people a lifetime to harvest a buck like that! Great Job!

Tony J. East Ky

Thanks everyone

This response submitted by Nina Lukaszewicz on 10/2/05 at 8:25 PM. ( )

I'm definately going to be making this deer into a competition mount. Today I caped him out. I hope my dad gets his buck sometime soon because then I will have another short-haired cape to work with. I also hope that my doe tag comes in the mail so I can bow hunt again before the season ends. :)

I shot the deer from 20 yards broadside, when he had his head behind a tree (didnt want him to see me) and he didn't go very far, maybe about 40 yards.

Congrats, Nina

This response submitted by Craig on 10/2/05 at 8:54 PM. ( )

Sounds like a storybook hunt that you will remember for a lifetime! What an accomplishment! I know if you were my daughter I'd be very proud.

You go Girl

This response submitted by Ron P. on 10/3/05 at 12:06 AM. ( )

Im impressed. I bowhunted several years with no success, many close calls and even stuck one once. I know it may sound like excuses but it always came down to problems with sights.
Finally I had enough, I took all that fancy crap off of my bow, flung it as far as I could, bought some grasshopper tips and practiced walking around shooting at a can from every odd distance, angle and position. The next season I drilled a nice buck so hard I watched him go down not 20 yards away.
I now shoot instinctively with a recurve bow.

Anyway, you have a lot to be proud of. Nice buck and Ill bet $50 you are hooked on bowhunting.


This response submitted by Ed on 10/3/05 at 9:19 AM. ( )

Bow huntings illigal in the uk :(

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