Anyone else seeing this problem this year more than ever?

Submitted by Cecil on 10/3/05 at 11:08 AM. ( )

This has been the worst year for me to get folks to pick up their mounts on time or at all. I'm even talking about folks that have put down a substantial deposit.

I also have a taxidermy school that is 30 days over on a 30 day net for some frozen fish which is not usually a problem either.

What's going on this year?

I'm getting ready to send out my second letters, that have to be signed for, indicating if the mounts aren't picked up in 30 days they will be sold. I hate doing this but I have bills to pay.

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I think it's the...

This response submitted by marty on 10/3/05 at 11:33 AM. ( )

...MAYOR and GOVERNER of New Orleans' fault! LOL!

I haven't had a problem here yet, but I do know another taxidermist that says the same thing Cecil. Probably partially due to the economy AND it's that time of year where everybody's spending money on new hunting equipment as well. And, they're busy hunting in their free time.

I've never done the formal notices other than maybe a second phone call. The way I see it, they've paid half already minimum and it's eventually going to be money in the bank. But then again, I've only experienced one or two customers doing this at once. If I had a half dozen or so dragging their feet I might think otherwise...


This response submitted by Mark on 10/3/05 at 12:35 PM. ( )

We've seen a steady drop in sales to resturants for mounted peices, contracts already made are slow to pay, or held up. The commercial side to our business is becoming increasingly hard to run, with fewer clients paying full deposits, people on payment plans missing payments causing more paperwork and phone calls, and like you said the sloooooow pick-up rate. I guess what it boils down to is people have to decide, do I buy gas to go to work, groceries to feed my family or pick my deerhead. Obviously the taxidermist will be the last on the list. I don't like to hound people, about picking up their mounts or paying bills, but you do have to run a business. So we're all seeing the effects of a poor economy.

I have

This response submitted by George on 10/3/05 at 12:47 PM. ( )

I have nearly $3000 worth of work waiting to be picked up and that's a LOT for a small shop like mine. I've been nice so far, but this week starts the treat of small claims court. They tell me "money's a little tight" and I ask them what the hell makes them think mine is any better.


This response submitted by Alex on 10/3/05 at 3:17 PM. ( )

Same Here, I'm giving 30 days notice if not picked up by then, they are out the door to museums or educational institutions and I'll take a tax deduction on my income tax.

E-Bay Sells

This response submitted by Curtiss on 10/3/05 at 5:04 PM. ( )

I have a small full time shop. When I raised my prices a few years to increase profit. I found that I have less trouble with jobs being picked up. I noticed that I priced out the ones that can't afford it. I do require a 50 percent deposit and they sign a contract on every job. I do send a lot of time on my work to give the customers what they pay for. When someone does not pick up their trophy, after a couple of notices, Put it on E-Bay and tell them they can bid it. Put the reserve at the min. you need to get paid. Good luck.

Economic indicators

This response submitted by Mark on 10/3/05 at 5:24 PM. ( )

I have been slow in my contracting for awhile now. We always have problems over the winter w/ what we do. I never go into winter as weak as I am right now. Its spooky. A guy stopped by a bike shop I go to. I asked him how his Pizza shop was doing. <He makes a good pie.> He told me that he is down exactly 50%. It is getting tough when people arent ordering that Pizza for their Friday night snack.
Hopefully, something levels the playing field soon. It will be a bad winter w/ heat for us. Good Luck America
Im in Cleveland Ohio (Rustbucket on Lake Erie)


This response submitted by Richard C on 10/3/05 at 6:04 PM. ( )

A taxidermist friend of mine has alot fo finished mounts, mostly lifesize Brown and Grizzly besar, plus large antelered and horned game, moose ,caribou and Bison. He told told me pickups are very slow .
Cecil , I finally have to agree with you this is all Bushs fault. On the way to the fair yesterday HE even spilled my beer all over the front seat of my truck. I was late for the fair and missed the wife driving the draft horse team. Now I'm in the doghouse again.

Richard who said it was Bush's fault?

This response submitted by Cecil on 10/3/05 at 7:30 PM. ( )

You and Tony are paranoid! LOL

What I want to know is how did you get Busy away from the Secret Service. LMAO

Same here

This response submitted by Monty on 10/3/05 at 8:25 PM. ( )

It has been a crappy year for that. I make them sign an agreement that the mount will be picked up in 30 days or sold. That doesn't always work and many times you can't get near what the work is worth on ebay. This is pure luck of having the right person looking at the right time. I know a guy who makes about the same money I make part time selling puppies with a lot less agravation. Good Luck!

its Clintons fault.

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 10/3/05 at 8:33 PM. ( )

I am also having a slow pick up time year for taxidermy but my fine art sales have soared this year. The rich are richer and spending it. Cecil, why is it Bushes fault?

It's your fault Jim!

This response submitted by Cecil on 10/3/05 at 9:12 PM. ( )


I do see the humvees going by via the semi load on a daily basis. Someone is doing well.

I heard

This response submitted by DaveT on 10/3/05 at 11:40 PM. ( )

I heard that it all is a right wing conspiracy to overthrow embedded liberal fish farmers?


its very simple

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/4/05 at 12:12 PM. ( )

Gas costs more.

With gas up, yet no adjustment in the paycheck, theres no extra money to go toward pizza OR taxidermy.

Thats funny how you guys sniffed out Cecil, you know him well!

Not at all Bill

This response submitted by Cecil on 10/5/05 at 7:35 PM. ( )

This had nothing whatsoever to do with politics. I think you guys have become paranoid.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 10/6/05 at 12:12 PM. ( )


Oh really?

This response submitted by Cecil on 10/9/05 at 10:24 AM. ( )

So do you check for liberals under you bed at night before you go to sleep? LOL

You know I don't care a rat's butt if you believe me or not Bill but this was truly a genuine question with no political aspect whatsoever.

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