Taxidermy Triva - THE JACKALOPE

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The famous jackalope was more or less devised and invented by Douglas Herrick around the year 1932. Douglas and his brother Ralph returned from hunting and threw some dead rabbits on the floor of their shop. As the rabbits hit the floor they slid up to a pair of deer antlers and as the brothers stared at the rabbits peculiar position against the antlers, Douglas got wide eyed and excited and said, "Let's mount that thing!) A rabbit with antlers or horns was born.

Over the years tens of thousands of Jackalopes were mounted by the family taxidermy shop located in Wyoming. Douglas Herrick was not as interested in the taxidermy business as his brother Ralph Herrick. Ralph and his son Jim took on the task of mounting the many, many thousands of these mythical creatures.

The business took off and the Jackalope proliferated across the United States and almost every taxidermist is called upon to create this unique idea thought up many years ago. From a low of $10.00 in the beginning many years ago, to as much as $65.00 in the year 2005 is paid for each mounted jackalope head. These items sell very well and can be a good money maker for the enterprising taxidermist.

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