Foam costs/availability.

Submitted by Glenn on 10/7/05 at 4:15 PM. ( )

The new catalogs have been arriving lately. Naturally I look at the increase in prices just to keep abreast of costs. This new foam that's required must be really expensive and/or in short supply. I mounted a wolverine for a friend on a Reasearch (Denver Museum) form in 2003 - the form was $79. It was up to $89 in 2004 although avaliable from their 'Direct' flyer for $56.00. The 2005 catalog had it at $99.45 and the newest catalog has it at $109.95. Still cheaper then wrapping a form. Maybe I'll start carving.

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This response submitted by JEM on 10/7/05 at 4:35 PM. ( )

Maybe time we raise our prices

Just a thought! I like making money too!

This response submitted by Kim (LOL) on 10/7/05 at 5:55 PM. ( )

When will we (taxidermists) be over priced? Sometimes WE (taxidermists) have to look at things from the clients view-point.


Jem is right

This response submitted by paul k on 10/7/05 at 5:59 PM. ( )

As a service industry, We pass these added expenses to the customer along with increases for operating expense and just plain old cost of living increases, I just got off the phone with a fellow taxidermist, wont be raising his prices again this yr, worried about the economy yadda yadda yadda. Sorry not me! That's the exact reason I'm raising my prices again this yr. My shop will cost more to heat, more for the electric, more for my supplies more for every thing in life. Probably even cost more for our suppliers to print the new cats. Think about it, Suppliers cost's rise, so your cost's rise, so your customers cost's rise. A very simple rule of economics, pass the cost or loose it, Don't be foolish.

And Kim

This response submitted by paul k on 10/7/05 at 6:05 PM. ( )

Find me a Taxidermist that will tell you he or she is overpaid and Ill call you a liar, More complaining about being underpaid any day of the week! Now some of us will admit to being paid fairly, Most of us as a whole, would like more

Some customers don't want to pay anymore.....

This response submitted by Kim (LMAO) on 10/7/05 at 7:21 PM. ( )

.....and flock to the "cheaper" guy.

Right away I can see the temp rise. I am asking what price will be the cut off for customers? A few extra bucks here and there does add up when your shop pulls in two hundred heads or more. Not a problem. That is how you make the extra on a price increase.

But, some people (customers) quibble over a simple five to fifteen dollar difference. The guy charging less gets the work.

Other than saying or showing that your work is so much better, many people want their work returned super fast and they don't want to pay any extra for it.

I beg to differ Kim

This response submitted by paul k on 10/7/05 at 8:36 PM. ( )

Showing good quality taxidermy and offering a reasonable turn around time is exactly what lures high end clients to your door! If my deer heads are priced at 500 dollars I'm not going to lower my price one dollar! If your trying to compete for price shoppers, have at it.
Im not interested in production line , cut corner taxidermy ,or the clientele that seek it. I enjoy taking my time and providing my customers with a quality trophy that will last them lifetime, And getting paid a fair wage for it. If you cant learn to let the price shoppers walk, you will never get out of the bottom end of the business. Now listen carefully, How many hunters that are spending
10-20 thousand dollars to hunt big horns, stone and Dall rams, mt goats etc. are price shopping? I'd bet the most are quality shopping. The ones doing 200 deer heads at 250 dollars probably don't get many big pay items. Only you can decide how to manage your business

Great reply, Paul

This response submitted by George on 10/7/05 at 9:42 PM. ( )

But the lowball guys never seem to catch on. That's OK with me because I really don't CARE how many deer they get in a year. I charge $425 and I know lots of guys charging $350 so they can "take my customers". I still have a freezer full, so let them have them. My best customers only ask how much I charge when they pick the stuff up. They don't care what I charge, they just want to know how much to make the check out for.

You misunderstand, We have several "high end" customers...

This response submitted by Kim (LMAO) on 10/7/05 at 10:25 PM. ( )

......thats not the problem. I am just tired of arguing with the cut throat customers and I am glad our well to do clients are with us as we have never had a problem with them.

There are more "average" customers than the big fat cats that spend several thousand each year.


Another thing...

This response submitted by marty on 10/7/05 at 10:27 PM. ( )

...some people associate higher prices with higher quality. Even if they didn't have a clue what "higher quality" is...

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