if you had the chance to work for ...

Submitted by mk on 10/8/05 at 1:50 AM. ( )

one of the best and largest taxidermy studios in the u.s. would you do it? this would mean quiting your business and moving away~ a life changing event -but a chance of a lifetime to learn and work from one of the best.

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This response submitted by samantha on 10/8/05 at 7:25 AM. ( )

In a heartbeat.


This response submitted by John on 10/8/05 at 7:55 AM. ( )

I'm going to do it.


This response submitted by marty on 10/8/05 at 8:26 AM. ( )

But it all depends on what you want out of life. Working for somebody else is a thing of the past for me. I don't care how good they are and how much I'd learn. On the otherhand, if the money was significantly more, I can be bought...

im with marty

This response submitted by lee on 10/8/05 at 9:04 AM. ( )

no way unless it payed like a slot machine

Me either

This response submitted by George on 10/8/05 at 10:02 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Working "with the best" doesn't mean it's contagious and you'll catch that person's talent. I'm a taxidermist because I'm independent and couldn't work for someone else anyway. HOWEVER, if it's your dream and you want to pursue it, you shouldn't be asking us for advice. It's YOUR dream, follow it.

At what price

This response submitted by .... on 10/8/05 at 4:04 PM. ( )

You might make more money, but at what price too you?

I have worked at a few different studio's, some very large, but that's all I ever did. Most large studios are VERY production oriented. I've spent more Saturdays than I care to count, and many late evenings spent working on projects, only to start again the next morning.

You will definitely lose your independence. The studio may be well known, but you will become just another face at the shop. I could ramble on about the B.S. of the 'team' concept, but it's not worth the trouble.

If you already have an established business, in an area you like, I would think long and hard about moving. Write out a list of pro's and con's, and be really honest about it before you make a decision.

I'm considering it

This response submitted by paul k on 10/8/05 at 5:14 PM. ( )

Not because my business is unsuccessful, because i just don't like all the hr's. I got into this business because I liked being able to use my artistic ability and wanted to get away from the time clock. I really don't care for the running of the business end of it, in a one man operation there's just to much unproductive time. Or should I grow more and hire someone? My business is located at my residence
I originally thought this would be a good thing, I now know I can never get away from my work. I would definitely consider working a 40hr. scheduled work week for someone who could afford me.

I would consider it

This response submitted by patrick on 10/8/05 at 8:00 PM. ( defordtaxidermy@yahoo.com )

It depended where, who it was, salary.

but i would entertain offers.

No Way

This response submitted by JL on 10/8/05 at 9:03 PM. ( wmlures@metro2000.net )

How many years have you spent building up your business? That will all go down the drain real fast. Now suppose you don't work out at the new "super shop" and leave that job and try to get back where you just left.Will those old customers come running back? You only want to work 40hrs a week....so raise your prices to the level you need to be able to fill your dreams and keep building your established business.Stop chasing the rainbow...that pot of gold you find at the end comes from hard work and good business planning. Good luck.....JL

I've got a

This response submitted by John on 10/8/05 at 11:26 PM. ( )

great business and make very good money running it. This NOV I'm going to a different state to interview with a person I think is one of the best in the business. The biggest reason is I'm sick of dealing with idiots on a daily basis and having my dinner interrupted 3 out of 7 nigthts by inconsiderate ass bags. The second biggest reason is I want to learn more and be better than I am now, by workong for a NTA judge and Master Taxidermist on a daily basis I can accomplish that. I also have moved more in my life than most people have and have been here for close to 10 years and am ready for a change and Nevada looks very enticing. BTW I'm not talking about working for AA in Reno.

I already work with the best

This response submitted by B on 10/9/05 at 2:44 AM. ( )

yes sir. Many of you may never have herd their names. but they are indead the best. the best teachers, the best taxidermist, the best people I have ever met. wish I could stay forever

If you think being pressured by clients is bad just wait!

This response submitted by Rorie on 10/9/05 at 8:42 PM. ( )

I worked for a couple at different times. They hired me knowing how I worked, my quality and what I was able to do.

Both tried to change the way I mounted all animals, to the point that their own work was less then the best they could turn out and they wanted my quality to drop to their lower quality.

They will push you into short cutting your methods to increase production.

I woul dshovel crap in a turkey house before I moved to work with a so called "BEST".

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