Wyoming Antelope

Submitted by Tom on 10/10/05 at 1:26 PM. ( )

I just returned from my annual antelope and deer hunt in Wyoming and all I can say is WOW what a difference rain makes on the size of antelope horns! They had been in a drought for about 5-6 years and this year it finally broke and they finally got the rain they have desperatly needed. I saw more BIG antelope this year than I have in the last five. I shot a really nice and heavy 15 inch antelope on the second day. Also shot a decent 4x4 muley the first day. The deer in the area I hunt really arent that great but I managed to get a nice buck. I went through some major weather changes last week. Sat Oct 1 and Sun Oct 2 it was 90+ degrees, Thur Oct 6 when I left for the airport it was 16 degrees with about a foot of snow on the ground. WOW what a shock to the system. How did everybody else do this year?

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Leaving from Michigan in 2 days!

This response submitted by Brian on 10/10/05 at 3:19 PM. ( )

Whereabouts in Wyoming were you hunting? I leave Wednesday for Alcova (South Central part of state). My hunt starts Sat. Oct 15th.
Area 89 for Mule Deer and area 32 for Antelope.


This response submitted by Tom on 10/10/05 at 5:38 PM. ( )

I hunt about 30 miles south of Newcastle (northeast corner of state) in Niobrara county. I killed my antelope on public ground and my deer on some private ground.It was a good hunt!

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